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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Myth

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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Myth

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Last time we wrote about super-hot digital detox, we promised to delve into the subject. If you missed our last article on the topic, digital detox is a very popular movement for reducing the presence of users on-line and that of gadgets in everyday life. DD architects believe that modern gadgets to seriously cripple relationships and communication. In this moniker, the word “detox” is just a poetic exaggeration, highlighting the “toxic” influence the digital world can have over our lives. But, there are people for whom it’s a bitter truth.

These people claim to have a severe medical condition caused by Wi-Fi networks, mobile network towers and such. It’s called electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or EHS for short. In some aggravated cases, they cannot stand the presence of a microwave in their homes and instead, retire to woodlands and caves.

The victims report all kinds of non-specific symptoms: headaches, vertigo, fatigue, sleep disorders, skin rashes, nose bleeding, muscle pain. They don’t simulate them, and suffer in real. Yet, the medical community remains skeptical. The patients have to go to court to get their condition acknowledged as a disease. One French woman was awarded a disability allowance from the state because she has a severe case of EHS, or “Wi-Fi Allergy” as the mass media titled it: French Court Awards Woman Disability Grant For Allergy of Gadgets.

But can the modern wireless networks really be blamed for this new disease? We in iGotOffer, have done some research. And we must admit that we join the skeptics party here.

Electromagnetic waves weren’t invented, they were DISCOVERED. This means that they existed long before Faraday, Marconi, Tesla, Edison and Bell. They were here when Columbus set sail. We just didn’t have the knowledge or devices to detect and use them. Where did they come from? First of all, our Earth is one giant magnet.

By the way, this is the reason we do exist on the planet. Mars, for instance, has no magnetic field and, therefore, no life.

Moreover, electromagnetic waves are radiated by the stars. Put in a poetic way, they are the voices of the stars. This phenomenon makes possible the usage of radio telescopes, because radio waves are electromagnetic waves by nature. Our Sun is also a star which radiates electromagnetic waves. Sometimes, those waves are so strong, that they can block radio communications. This phenomenon is called a sun storm.

So, every second of our life, we bathe in electromagnetic waves, we breathe them in and more than that, the human body can emanate the weak electromagnetic wave too! If mankind had some intolerance to electromagnetic waves, they would have died long ago! Ok, but what if a person is intolerant to the wave of a certain length, you may ask. The way some people are allergic to apples but can eat peaches. This possibility has also been tested by doctors and scientists. As the World Health Organization memorandum states, there are no connections that can be found between the symptoms and the electromagnetic waves’ presence. The patients were monitored in special isolated labs, used for elementary particles studies. They had no way to tell whether any sources of electromagnetic impulses were on or off.

After reviewing the results, the scientists stated that their condition has nothing to do with the physical phenomenon in question.

If you watch that YouTube video above, you’ll see that women are eager to be interviewed and tell about their lives in details while showing no discomfort. But they must! If they are so sensitive to electromagnetic fields, they must suffer with all these video cams, lightboxes and other devices around. Because cams and lightboxes are the sources of electromagnetic waves as well.

But, why people do have such dreadful symptoms? They do not fake them, they suffer and are desperate. And here we leave physics for psychology.

From the start, our immune system works like the state-of-the-art security system. All nutrition elements and vitamins have a ‘signature’ that says to the body, “I’m OK, I’m a good guy.” The body has its own signatures library to check all the incomers. If the library is corrupted, the body can identify a friend as an enemy, and reacts according to the protocol.

If this happens, we can get rashes, puffed eyes and other irritating symptoms. The thing is, nobody knows exactly what ruins the body’s security system. There are not one, but several reasons for that. One of the theories claims that an allergy is the manifestation of a psychological issue.

For example, you’ve got a very nasty female relative you have to stay in touch with. That sweet, but unbearable lady has a cat. You’ve got nothing against the feline, but you can’t stand the pet owner. So, every time you visit her, or she comes to your place and brings the cat’s hairs on her shoes’ soles or clothes, you’ve get an allergy attack. Your politeness makes you behave nicely, but your body protests vigorously. This can also be true for Wi-Fi allergy. Perhaps, those with EHS need not a secluded place to live, but a good shrink to solve their issues.

Are the cell towers completely safe then? Well, no. You don’t have to avoid them completely, but we wouldn’t recommend camping at the foot of a cell tower any more than we would tell you to have a picnic in the middle of a six-lane highway. But you certainly don’t need to avoid civilization completely in order to celebrate your 90th birthday.


Is electromagnetic hypersensitivity real? [Video]

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