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How to Protect Data from WannaCrypt

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How to Protect Data from WannaCrypt

How to Protect Your Data from WannaCrypt

Don’t WannaCry(pt) over lost files? Follow our Guide!

1 – Always keep your system updated. Microsoft has issued patches even for Windows XP SP2 and Windows XP SP3, though the company quit the general support of the OS. Check the official site to download the patches. If you have Windows Vista, 7. 8.1 or 10 and you haven’t turned off the automatic update, you should have already gotten the patch in March 2017, tagged MS17-010.

2 – If your system cannot be updated,

a) consult the Microsoft Knowledge Base to disable SMBv.1.

b) add a rule on your router or firewall to block incoming SMB traffic on port 445.

3 – Always keep your antivirus up to date. Windows free antivirus detects the attack as Ransom:Win32.WannaCrypt. Kaspersky Antivirus detects the attack as MEM: Trojan.Win64.EquationDrug.gen. If the virus is detected, reboot the system.

4 – If your antivirus cannot remove the ransomware because you missed steps 1 – 3, try SpyHunter Malware Remover . Then restore your files with Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery tool.

5 – Always back up your files in a cloud or on a hard drive or computer with NO Internet access. A Portable hard drive will work. Remember to check them with the antivirus you have as well. We recommend backing up your files every day. Yes, it’s boring, but safe. It must become an everyday routine like brushing your teeth or taking shower.

WARNING! Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 ransomware (new WannaCrypt variant) has been spotted. The file extension reads .WNCRY. We recommend following the above instructions!

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