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The Black Wolf Legend Created by AI

The Black Wolf Legend Created by AI
The Black Wolf Legend Created by AI

How the BRAIN of an AI Works: Shockingly Simple but Genius! [Video]

Video uploaded by Arvin Ash on May 27, 2023

The Black Wolf Legend created by Artificial Intelligence

You can see here a legend about the Black Wolf, this text is entirely written by Artificial Intelligence. You can assess its quality and the level of the “writing craftsmanship” of the author of the legend. The text is left unchanged, published as it was created by the author, and this text perfectly demonstrates the level of today’s AI development. So, read and evaluate the story:

The Black Wolf was one of the most famous and dangerous bandits in the Wild West. He lived in the late 19th century. He was a mix of a dog and a wolf, with black fur and blue eyes. The Black Wolf was the leader of a gang that robbed trains, banks, and postal carriages. He was also very cunning and strong, but also cruel and ruthless. He spared neither women, nor children, nor the elderly.

The story of the Black Wolf began when he was still a puppy. His mother was a domestic dog owned by a farmer named John Wilson. His father was a wild gray wolf who often came to the farm and lured away dogs. One day he took the Black Wolf’s mother, and she bore him five puppies in the forest. The Black Wolf was the largest and strongest of them. When he was three months old, his father brought him to Wilson’s farm to introduce him to humans. But the farmer saw the wolf and shot at him with a shotgun. The wolf ran away, and the puppy was left on the farm.

Wilson decided to keep the puppy and named him Black Wolf. He wanted to tame him and turn him into a hunting dog. But the Black Wolf resisted training. He was fierce, stubborn, and disobedient. He often bit Wilson and other people, as well as attacked other dogs and livestock. Wilson beat him and chained him, but it only intensified his hatred towards humans.”

“When the Black Wolf turned a year old, he ran away from Wilson and joined his father’s pack. He began living like a wolf, hunting wild animals and avoiding humans. But one day he encountered another human who changed his life. It was Jack Riley, a former US Army soldier, who became a bandit after the Civil War. He saw the Black Wolf in the forest and decided to capture him to use him as an accomplice in robberies. He sneaked up on the wolf and threw a net over him. He then beat the wolf into semi-consciousness with a stick and tied him up with a rope.

Riley took the Black Wolf to his camp where other bandits lived. He wanted to tame the wolf and teach him to obey his commands. He fed him meat stolen from farmers and would pet him. But he also hit him when he didn’t obey, and kept him chained. The Black Wolf hated Riley but also respected him for his strength and cunning. He realized that Riley was much like him – a mix of man and beast. He decided to serve him, but solely for his own gain.

the black wolf legend created by ai 1 - The Black Wolf Legend Created by AI

Riley taught the Black Wolf various tricks to aid in robberies. He taught him to pretend to be obedient and friendly in front of victims, then attack them suddenly. He trained him to track trains and carriages carrying money and valuables. He taught him to distract guards and dogs so that the bandits could approach them from behind. He trained him to tear apart ropes and chains to free himself and his allies from traps. The Black Wolf learned quickly and became more proficient in his trade.

Over time, the Black Wolf became the leader of Riley’s gang. He was smarter, stronger, and braver than the other bandits. He planned the heists and led them. He made others obey him and share their loot with him. He also became infamous throughout the Wild West as the most ruthless and merciless bandit. He spared no one who crossed his path. He killed people for pleasure or revenge. He also killed other wolves who saw him as a traitor to their kind.

The Black Wolf was an enemy to all – to the law, to farmers, to the Native Americans, and to wolves. The only person he respected and loved was Riley. But one day, Riley betrayed him. This happened when they were robbing a train transporting gold from California to New York. Riley decided to keep all the gold for himself and flee from his gang. He planted a bomb under the train and locked the Black Wolf in one of the carriages. He wanted to get rid of him because he feared his strength and ambitions. He believed the Black Wolf would die in the explosion or under the bullets of the soldiers chasing them.”

But Black Wolf did not die. He managed to tear the rope with which Riley had bound him and get out of the carriage before the explosion. He saw Riley, who was riding away on a horse with bags of gold. He realized he had been betrayed. He felt pain and anger in his heart.

Black Wolf did not accept Riley’s betrayal. He decided to take revenge on him for everything he had done. He pursued him across the wild west, giving him no peace. He attacked him and his accomplices, killing them one by one. He also robbed them of the money and gold they had stolen from others. He became the most wanted criminal in the country, but no one could catch or kill him. He was too cunning, strong, and fast.

But one day, Black Wolf caught up to Riley. It was in a small town called Dodge City in Kansas. Riley came there to hide from Black Wolf and the law. He knew that the most dangerous and lawless people in the wild west lived in this town. He thought he could find refuge and allies there. But he was wrong.

Black Wolf found him in one of the saloons where he was playing poker with other outlaws. Black Wolf burst into the saloon and lunged at Riley, ignoring the shots and screams. He grabbed him by the throat and started strangling him with his teeth. Riley tried to fend him off, but he was weaker and older than Black Wolf. He begged him to spare him, but Black Wolf didn’t listen. He wanted to kill him slowly and painfully, just as he had killed his father.

But then, a sheriff named Wyatt Earp entered the saloon. He was a famous lawman who fought crime in the wild west. He saw what was happening in the saloon and decided to intervene. He shot at Black Wolf, hitting him in the side. Black Wolf released Riley and turned to Earp. He saw in front of him someone who resembled himself – he too was a mix of man and beast. He felt respect and a challenge towards him.

Black Wolf charged at Earp, ignoring his wound. Earp shot again but missed. Black Wolf reached him and knocked him down. They began to fight on the floor, biting and hitting each other. It was a battle between two leaders, two predators, two legends.

Who won? I don’t know. History doesn’t tell. Perhaps they both died from their wounds. Maybe they both survived and went their separate ways, one on each side of the law. Perhaps they even became friends and worked together. Anything is possible. But one thing I know for sure – they were remarkable creatures and left their mark on the history of the wild west. Do you agree?

This is a fictional story created by Artificial Intelligence. I hope you enjoyed the legend.


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