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We Survived DDoS Attack

ddos attack
We Survived DDoS Attack

We Experienced a DDoS Attack but We’re Still Here

Soon after postштп the article of the hacking toasters,  we were attacked as well. You can’t tell, because we’re tough and we’re here, alive and kicking. Are we scared? Or pissed off? Nope. First, because our team did a great job and protected our data. Second, because being under a DDoS attack is a has to go through it. It’s like a fight in the playground. You might not like it; but, it’s going to happen from time to time regardless of how you feel about it.

What is DDoS? It stands for Distributed Denial of Service. Servers hosting the websites, work 24/7/365 and process loads of data day in, day out. If the site is very popular and many users visit it, it can collapse, much in the way bridges do when they bear too much weight. That’s why hosts add liberally to the bandwidth, in order to cope with the traffic peaks. But there’s no wide lane that cannot be clogged. It just takes more attackers. Sometimes, attackers are all human and band together for the coup. But, it’s cheaper and easier to grip the control over numerous devices with the Web access, and use them as an army. As with many other services, organizing DDoS attacks have become user friendly. Neither hacking nor networking skills are required for that kind of activity anymore. There are DDoS-for hire sites which enable anyone with enough money or Bitcoins to launch multiple and simultaneous attacks from an easy-to-use interface with a menu of attacks.

The server that hosts the targeted site experience a myriad of inquiries for a unit of time. It’s like sitting between two chatterboxes in a party. The music is blaring and your neighbors chat with you and with each other over your head, asking you myriads of questions at the same time, which makes you feel like your brain is going to explode.

DDoS attacks can bring sites down that are critical for the everyday life: like email services or news sites. The number of attacks, their durations and intensity have increased dramatically over the last couple of years. The year of 2016 showed an increase of 125% and the number of 100 Gigabits attacks (attackers used gigabit internet access) approaches 20. But only large-scale attacks make it to the headlines. Many users still remain ignorant about the darker side of the digital era.

Major web companies have security departments on vigil to stand against the DDoS attacks. Smaller enterprises have to cope with it all by themselves. The more popular you are, the higher is the risk of being attacked. It’s just a fact of life.

In a sense, hackers cause more harm than raccoons in your garden. Internet, no matter what the FCC wants it to be, is a public utility now. No one has ever heard of raccoons deliberately chewing phone cables or water pipelinesю

Besides, animals gain no profit from it, while hackers certainly do. While one criminal or a band of them attack the site, others are analyzing the content. The attack can be enough to bring down a website completely, or to cause losses to its owners and give an advantage to a competitor (who may have paid for the attack).

But as we told you before, we survived, no harm done, and we even upgraded our security system. We’re glad to still be here, friends and customers, so we can purchase and take care of your old devices: Sell old electronics for top dollar cash now!

ddos attack - We Survived DDoS Attack

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