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What Cyber Companies Do to Prevent Climate Change

What Cyber Companies Do to Prevent Climate Change
What Cyber Companies Do to Prevent Climate Change

10 Inventions That Could Stop Global Warming [Video]

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What Cyber Companies Do to Prevent Climate Change

We live in an unfair world. We have to apply a lot of energy to make the simplest things out of wood, stone or metal. Everything you see around you, from your laptop to a glass cup on your kitchen table is going to require the use of processing plants, power plants, or a zillion gallons of oil and gas. Making all these things we use daily takes its toll on nature. Primarily, we have to put up with the carbon dioxide gas emission. CO2 is the second main greenhouse gas that accelerates global warming. Global warming is a natural process that started back in 1870 when the Little Ice Age was over. Nevertheless, we don’t want the warming to grow faster than it should, do we?
We ultimately cannot control the climate yet, but there are some things we still can do. We can reduce the CO2 footprint in the atmosphere by curbing CO2 emission and reducing the “dirty” energy consumption. Wind and solar power plants are able to power our households and factories, but businesses need an incentive to use renewable energy sources, or apply more responsible technologies.

We picked the two largest companies that use a socially responsible approach to progress – Apple and Microsoft, how they help prevent climate change.

what cyber companies do to prevent climate change apple - What Cyber Companies Do to Prevent Climate Change

With Supplier Clean Energy Program Apple shows an example of what a leading company can do to initiate the shift in the industry.

Apple shows an example of what a leading company can do to initiate the shift in the industry. We are referring to the Supplier Clean Energy Program. Making cell phones leaves one of the greatest carbon footprints, and for Apple it’s a subject of great concern. That’s why the company is persistent in finding eco-friendly solutions. For example, Apple encourages the suppliers that joined the Clean Energy Program, like Advanced International Multitech, Arkema, AT&S, Bemis Associates, Biel Crystal (HK) Manufactory Ltd., BOE to invest in socially responsible technologies. You can find the complete list of participants on apple.com. Apple uses 100% clean energy to power its stores and Apple Park. The same goes for all Apple stores, offices and facilities in 43 countries, UK, India and China being amongst them.The thing is that… solar or wind power plants didn’t appear from nowhere. More than 66% endeavors were sponsored through Apple green bonds, spending $2.5 billion. These plants aren’t rich boy toys anymore. The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project in Tonopah, NV, can become a utility-scale solar power plant once it achieves the intended power production. Crescent Dunes CEO Kevin Smith was very optimistic back in 2015, saying that the plant would reach its maximum capacity in 12 months. In current time it still has not done so. It’s hard to say whether businesses are too timid to try renewable energy or the existing regulations arrest the solar power industry development, but we still have a long way to go. As for now, renewable energy can’t replace traditional resources yet, but we must try to use it wherever possible.

Microsoft is a member and founder of Breakthrough Energy Coalition and heavily invests in the carbonless future. Three years ago Bill Gates got to the core of the problem, saying that we need a massive amount of research into thousands of new ideas, even the crazy ones, if we want a real breakthrough in the field. His message is that the carbonless energy should be also cheap and affordable across the world. And what was this crazy idea Gates was talking about, you may ask. Well, how about liquid solar power bottled like a sweet drink?

what cyber companies do to prevent climate change microsoft - What Cyber Companies Do to Prevent Climate Change

Ecology and environment Archives – Microsoft Research.

About two years ago, a group of scientists from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, developed a liquid fuel containing the compound norbornadiene that—when struck by sunlight—rearranges its atoms into an energy-storing isomer, quadricyclane. Quadricyclane’s capacity is up to 250 watt-hours of energy per kilogram, even after it cools and for a long period of time. The most amazing feature of quadricyclane is that it doesn’t break down as a result of storage and energy release cycles. Researchers claim that their material can survive 125 cycles. Perhaps, ten years from now cell phone ads will praise liquid sun batteries!

Not only Sweden, but many other countries are doing their best to find better energy sources for us all. They explore one-dimensional materials, bacteria, and are even working to discover cold fusion! All they need is time and money. Money is something Microsoft can give to them. After all, who knows, perhaps the future savior of mankind is just graduating from college!


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