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Green Tech News: Apple Goes Solar

Green Tech News: Apple Goes Solar
Green Tech News: Apple Goes Solar

Green Tech News: Apple Goes Solar

Apple has created an energy subsidiary, Apple Energy LLC. This company is registered in Delaware, a state that has very favorable corporate laws, as well as a court system which is respected internationally as a fair venue to resolve disputes). This company was formed to sell excess electricity generated by Apple’s solar farms across the US.

Given Apple’s commitment to using renewable energy to power its operations, it is no surprise that the company wants to ensure that its solar farms generate sufficient power to meet its needs. In fact, many will argue that Apple is straying from its core business, but it seems Apple is actually maturing as a corporation. Besides, renewable energy can be an advantage as Apple can sell off these subsidiaries in the future if desired.

To tell the truth, Apple is not looking to become Duke Energy. They are just selling their excess capacity because there is nothing else you can do else with it.

Will Apple continue to invest in alternative energy and possibly become America’s chief green provider? We don’t think so. However their electric bills must be impressive, as in addition to the many Apple stores, the company also has a huge number of office buildings scattered around Silicon Valley. Now, while Apple may be able to negotiate a good retail rate, the difference in retail buying and wholesale selling to end-users must be huge to get a mega-company’s attention. It is also worth nothing that there are massive tax credits available for generating renewable energy. That would be a lot of money flowing through Apple’s financial systems. It can also impact the price of electricity.

After Apple Car with its recharging stations, the electronic giant goes solar…  But what’s next? Is Bank of Apple coming soon to our neighborhoods? Or will we one day live in Apple Homes or Apple Cities, powered exclusively by Apple?

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Apple Campus. Credit photograph: Joe Ravi, Creative Commons Share-Alike License CC-BY-SA 3.0

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