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How to Destroy Hard Drive

How to Destroy Hard Drive
How to Destroy Hard Drive

How to Destroy Hard Drive

How to destroy hard drive: It’s easy to erase hard drive. However, erasing it doesn’t prevent data from being recovered even in case of dead hard drive. In fact, the data can be recovered after you had used a software eraser, a hardware eraser, or even if you the whole disk had been encrypted. With the right tools an expert may be able to get some data off of erased or encrypted drive. Such data recovery utilities as Recuva, Undelete Plus for Windows, File Salvage for Mac, TestDisk and other tools can recover data even from formatted drives.

It happens because operating systems don’t erase a file’s contents when it’s deleted. But if you have private data on your computer want to prevent deleted files from being recovered.

For example, you can CCleaner’s Drive Wiper tool to automatically wipe your hard drive’s free space by writing other data over the free space on the deleted disk. Thus all deleted files will be erased.

A single file “shredded” by file-shredders which overwrite the disk entirely. This process takes longer than deleting a file normally. You can use a disk-wiping program, such as DBAN (Darik’s Boot and Nuke.) which erases everything from the hard drive, including its operating system, overwriting everything with useless data.

But let’s be sincere, if you want to be sure that nobody never get your sensible data you should use physical methods: open the computer case, find the hard disk, open its casing (this will take time, as you’ll have to deal with a bunch of screws. Then remove the platter (it looks like a mirror). The platter actually stores the majority of your data. Keep in mind, that some drives have more than one platter, so you should pay attention.

Destroy the platter. The best method of destroying the platter is with a hammer. If the platter is made out of metal, it will be harder, but it will deform and made unusable. You can also use a blow torch or just use it as a target in a firing range. Or just crash it under a big press. Or else use a saw or a drill to put holes in the platter!

If you have access to a big and powerful magnet, they could do the job, for example, take the hard drive to a local junk or scrap yard equipped with big magnetic cranes for lifting cars.

Never use a microwave to destroy the data, as microwaves are not strong enough to destroy sensitive data.

Don’t forget to wear protective gear when using hammer or other methods intended to physically destroy hard drive you don’t need anymore.

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