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Google Stopped Force Feeding Google+

Google stopped force feeding Google+
Google Stopped Force Feeding Google+

Google Stopped Force Feeding Google+

For months Google tried to push its Google Plus (Google+) service and profiles by making it an identity service. Gmail came with a Google + profile and dangled SEO specs to all its Google+ customers. If users wanted to comment on YouTube, they also needed a Google Plus account to do so. This strategy did wonders for bulking up Google+ numbers, but even so, the service still could not find its way to the top.

When Google Plus was launched, it was intended to be the next social media platform; what they hoped would take over Facebook. However, unlike Google+, Zukerberg’s social media creature had focus, engagement, scale and usage. Google+ had some very interesting features; but, a few features don’t make a real social offering successful. In fact, Google has been getting complaints about Google+ since the day it started its integration. The catch is, Google is about replacing people thanks to its algorithms or search and automation. Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft Apple have a built-in advantage over Google when it comes to social networks because of this glitch.

Finally, Google finally stopped their ominous practice of force feeding Google+ to its users and retired the elements that failed to gain popularity. Google Plus is now relieved of the notion of having to integrate with every other product at Google. It can now focus on helping millions of people around the world find what they want, by being a starter set for Google Photos. It does what the giant search engine needs it to do: it gives identities to Google services, creates an enormous database, and profiles its customers accurately. Now Google has a better mindset about what the people want, and does a good job of listening to billions of its users by integrating feedback. In short, it can adapt itself to their customer’s needs.

We are looking forward to judging the outcome of another one of Google’s upcoming experiments: the robotic car. Supposedly, it’s going to cause a technological revolution by promising a new and bright future to all of mankind!

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