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The Best Places in the Web for Hobbyists of Times Past

The Best Places in the Web for Hobbyists of Times Past
The Best Places in the Web for Hobbyists of Times Past

The Best Places in the Web for Hobbyists of Times Past

Rosalind Resnick, editor and publisher of Interactive Publishing Alert, an online monthly newsletter, has many hobbies, but the one to which she devotes most time is searching for new hobby groups online. The ones she visits most:

Best place to learn to tat: Whether you’ve got a knack for knitting or craving to crochet, there’s somebody on Crafts Forum who shares your interest. The forum features “live” quilting bees every Tuesday night at 10 p.m., EST.

Best place to amateur historians, family chroniclers, and arm-chair archeologists: In CompuServe’s Living History Forum enthusiasts from all over the world talk about history, archeology, and the cultures and mores of times past. The Prodigy’s Genealogy Bulletin Board or CompuServe’s Genealogy Forum to discover new branches of your family tree.

Best place to buy Kurt Cobain’s autograph: Want to buy (or sell) Richard Nixon’s autograph or bid via e-mail on a “guaranteed authentic” photo of Harrison Ford? Go to the Internet alt.collecting.autographs.

Best place to find collectibles: Prodigy’s Collecting Bulletin Board hosts discussions of just about every conceivable collectible – from artwork, antiques, and books to glass, coins, comics, stamps and toys.

Best place for bonsai tips: The Internet newsgroup alt.arts.bonsai.

Best place for car buffs: Alt.hotrod is the hottest place on the net to get the lowdown on low-riders, racing oils, pressure sensors, and other super boosters.

Best place for sci-fi junkies: Genie’s three sci-fi forums (type SFRT) at the system prompt) give equal times to readers, writers, and viewers. Attend a “live” writer’s workshop on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. Est or mind-meld with Trekkies at Star Trek night on Tuesdays, also at 10 p.m., EST.

Best place to talk trivia: Log-on to America Online’s Trivia Forum. In addition to engaging in trivial discussions, you can also compete in trivia games with fellow members.

Best place to strain your brain: Wise guy, eh? Hang out in CompuServe’s Mensa Forum – you might change your mind.

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