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iPhone 8: How It Works – Definitions & Explanations

how iphone 8 works
iPhone 8: How It Works – Definitions & Explanations

iPhone X, 8 & 8 Plus Specs Leak! [Video]

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iPhone 8: How It Works – Definitions & Explanations

There’s only one day to go before the iPhone 8 release in the Steve Job’s Theater. The Internet is buzzing with assumptions and speculations, inspired by many leaks. But there’s a group of people who can tell us exactly how the iPhone 8 is going to work. They are enthusiastic developers who look into the iOS11 beta code and discover new features there.

We at iGotOffer tried to collect these tweets for you.

The first thing that worries many users is the status bar position and work. It is already known that the iPhone 8 is getting the edgeless screen with the only notch on the top. So it is going to intervene with the work of the status bar. The iOS developer Guilherme Rambo from Brazil found exactly how it will work.

As you can see, the status bar is animated. The icons are pushing sideways to reveal other icons which also are moving to give some place to the others. Thus, the battery life indicator pushes sideways to reveal the charging indicator. But at the same time the signal and Wi-Fi bars hide.

When a text or a message title is displayed in the status bar, it pushes downward to stay away from the notch. This feature was discovered by the Irish tech blogger Steven Troughton-Smith.

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Source: https://twitter.com/stroughtonsmith/status/906435993363939329/photo/1

Jeffrey Grossman, a developer from New York, found out that the face ID will work with Apple Pay. And it may come to new iPads and iPods as well, though there are no new iPads this year as far as we know. The face recognition occurs automatically, but a user has to click the side button to confirm the payment.

And here goes another tweet from Guilherme Rambo. These several lines of code confirm wireless charging for the iPhone 8! Bye-bye, wires!

I don’t know what you feel right now, dear readers, but I’m pretty excited over the news. Not over the Face ID or the wireless charging exactly. But I’m excited over the way Apple OS makes them work. Assembling the state-of-the-art gadget is easy, making it work wonders is the tricky part. Of course, we should wait till the first hand-on reviews, but from where we are now it all looks amazing.

Let us know what do you think about paying with your face and charging the iPhone with no wires.


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