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Why iPhone 7 Can Blast and What To Do To Avoid That

How the iPhone 7 Can Explode
Why iPhone 7 Can Blast and What To Do To Avoid That

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Why iPhone 7 Can Blast and What To Do To Avoid That

Seven is proving to be an unlucky digit for smartphones. Following the news about the fire hazardous Samsung Galaxy Note 7, came the story of the iPhone 7 can blast on its way to an Apple fan from Texas. Reddit user kroopthesnoop posted the pictures of the unlucky device to support his short but sad story.

The Reddit user’s co-worker pre-ordered the iPhone and was so excited to have his hands on the new smartphone. However, when opened, the package revealed the smartphone’s scorched remnants.

Apple’s representative already reached out to the disappointed owner and promised to expedite a replacement iPhone 7 free of charge. But, the question remains, whether the iPhones 7 is still dangerous for users. You may be concerned about the smartphone exploding while on a phone call with the phone pressed against your ear. That would indeed be a nightmare scenario.

Let’s take a look at why smartphones can explode and what circumstances can make this happen. The only explosive matter contained inside the smartphone is the battery. The LI-Ion battery has a long life and numerous charge cycles. Li stands for Lithium – the alkaline metal. Wiki says (and we quote): “Lithium is flammable, and it is potentially explosive when exposed to air and especially to water, though less so than the other alkali metals.”

why lithium ion batteries catch fire - Why iPhone 7 Can Blast and What To Do To Avoid That

Why lithium-Ion batteries catch fire

As you read, the content of the battery is dangerous only when exposed to air. This can’t happen unless the battery casing is damaged. So, the question remains, what can cause this and why? The battery casing can be damaged mechanically or chemically. In other words, it can be pierced, broken, or melted.

Here’s an enlightening video about what happens to the Li-Ion battery when it is pierced by a kitchen knife

A ere’s an enlightening video about what happens to the Li-Ion battery pierced by a kitchen knife.

Obviously, in real life, no one would mutilate the smartphone battery this way. However, punctures and rips can be caused by careless treatment. Just like the iPhone 7 that exploded on its way to Texas, a careless mistake could cause this kind of damage and ruin the phone. Of course, you can’t damage the battery casing just by dropping your iPhone 7. It would take a more unfortunate circumstance to cause this kind of damage.

The melting scenario is much more probable, which is what happened in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Users reported that the smartphone turned very hot prior to igniting. This was happening when the gadget was being charged, which is when the battery was most likely to be overheated.

As we can see now, for the Galaxy Note 7, the fault lies with poor engineering. However, the iPhone 7 explosion was just a combination of highly improbable factors, such as careless packaging and mistreatment between the store and the purchaser.

So, there is no need to be afraid of your iPhones 7 exploding, provided, you don’t pierce it with sharp objects.


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