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iPhone in Laundry

iPhone in Laundry
iPhone in Laundry

iPhone in Laundry

iPhone in Laundry: A smartphone tossed in laundry: ask not what clunks in the washer…

You push a start button of your washing machine and you hear a sound, something like “clunk, clunk,” within minutes of starting the wash. You wonder, of course, what is clunking around in there, as all you had thrown in was a few t-shirts, shorts and bathrobes… And you realize with horror that you carried your iPhone in one of the pockets of this stuff… and you have just drowned it.

Not the iPhone, not the iPhone!!, you pray as I pull open the door and reach into the dripping mass. But it is your “precious”, your instant connection to everything, your companion, your beloved tech toy… and it is soaking wet, very wet.

Desperately, you shook it gently in hopes of dislodging water and thinking that it may still survive as it had only been in the wash a few minutes.

As it happens, there will be still text on the screen, but within moments, it will start to waver and blink. And then the screen goes dark. And it dies.

Let’s say a prayer: They say we always hurt the one we love. How we love our smart phones…in how many ways do we hurt them.

Technicians and managers at cell phone repair shops can tell you endless stories about rescue operations, happy developments and sad endings of iPhone in laundry. They see it all: phones dropped, phones drowned (even phones run over by trucks, cars and chewed by grizzlies), phones put in the washers just because we depend on them so thoroughly that we keep them with us constantly, even in the bathroom. They say even the Apple technicians done it. And sometimes an iPhone goes through the washer and a dryer.

But is my laundered phone truly broken?

Folk remedies claim that wet phones can be dried out by moisture-absorbing rice or silica gel packs.

So you can try and put your phone in a box filled with rice, offering prayers to St. Apple. Remove the case and sim card first then put it in a bowls of rice, trying to keep it somewhere warm. After a day, swap the rice for some fresh dry stuff. You should do it twice, each time for 24 hours, at least. Better, keep the phone in rice for three or five days – three days adrift in weirdly silent waters (it depends on how long it was in the washer for?), before attempting to turn it on.

After that, pull your phone out of the rice and plug it into the charger, hoping. If it still can speak no more, your iPhone is dead. Don’t feel bad, it was an accident, a one expensive load of laundry. You’ll feel considerably lighter of wallet, but with a new iPhone, and that’s all.

But sometimes the rice trick do wonders. Just don’t be impatient and try to charge / power it on until it’s dried for several days. Patience will be rewarded, rushing it, will condemn it to death.

And finally, we thank the Klingon Gods for not dropping our smartphone in a big toilet in a mall and flushing it, but this will be another story (and don’t forget, our children love using our devices for pitching practice).

Good luck with your iPhone in Laundry!

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