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How to Prepare Your iPhone for Sale

How to prepare your iPhone for sale
How to Prepare Your iPhone for Sale

How to Prepare Your iPhone for Sale

iPhone for Sale: Many iPhone owners think about upgrading and selling their devices to jump to new models. Before trading your iPhone trading in the market, regardless of whether you are selling it on eBay, Craigslist and so on or just giving it away to a family member, always be sure to prepare your smartphone for sale the right way.

You should back it up, clear out all of your data, and deactivate the device from your cell service provider.

To prepare an iPhone for resale:

Back it up twice, to iTunes & iCloud: Take the time to back up the device beforehand. With backups in place you will be able to upgrade to a new iPhone easily by picking up exactly where you left off, with settings, apps and all. Many experts recommend making a double backup, one stored locally on a computer, and another stored in iCloud. This procedure guarantees that you will have an accessible backup available when your iPhone arrives. You specify a backup to restore to and you’ll be on your way with all your settings, apps and all o the new device.

To back up locally to the computer: Connect the iPhone to a computer and launch iTunes, select the iPhone – Backups – This Computer – click Back Up Now.

To complete the second backup, from the iPhone itself, open Settings and go to iCloud. Go to Storage & Backup, tap Back Up Now.

Disable iMessage: Disabling iMessage insures that the number won’t accidentally get inbound iMessages aimed at you after it changes ownership.

To disable iMessage, open Settings,  go to Messages. Flip the switch for iMessage to OFF, getting ready your used iPhone for sale.

Unregister the iPhone with Apple: Unregistering your smarthphone removes it from your associating with your Apple ID.

Log into Apple support with your Apple ID. Select the iPhone from the list of devices, choose Unregister and confirm that you want to unregister your iPhone with your Apple account.

Unlock the iPhone to Boost Resale Value: If you have an AT&T iPhone, request a carrier unlock. The reason to bother is that it increases the value of the iPhone, because once unlocked it can be used on alternate GSM carriers throughout USA and throughout the world.

You will need to contact your carrier directly to inquire about its unlock.

Anyway, unlocking a device is most valuable for resale on the private market, it may be unnecessary if you intend on trading the iPhone in to Apple or another reseller service.

Remove the SIM Card / Deactivate the iPhone:  Deactivating the device prevents the iPhone from making and receiving calls or transferring data. But remember that you do not want deactivate the cellular account, and instead only the device itself (otherwise you may lose your phone number).

Erase the iPhone & Reset to Factory Defaults: Only do this after you have made a backup, otherwise you will lose everything you once had on the iPhone itself.  Launch Settings and go to General, scroll to the bottom and choose Reset. Select Erase All Content And Settings, and confirm the reset by selecting Erase iPhone.

Your iPhone is now ready to go!

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