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What Is Microsoft Office Delve App?

What is Microsoft Office Delve App?
What Is Microsoft Office Delve App?

What Is Microsoft Office Delve App?

Office Delve app is an app that is part of Microsoft’s productivity generation, produced by Microsoft’s Applications and Services Group (ASG). It is the part of the company leading the “Digital Life + Work” charge, in order to help people be more productive. Microsoft constantly rethinks its tools in order to stay ahead of the constant changes in technology; and creates new devices, new apps and new services regularly.

Delve is part of the Microsoft Office 365. Office workers can use Delve to avoid the gruesome task of looking through long lists or emails for a specific document. This app conveniently pulls together all relevant and interesting documents that are linked to a particular user. It accumulates information and gathers documents that consumers need to interact with co-workers in a more efficient manner than before. Delve works hand in hand with Lync, Sharepoint and Yammer.

The app learns and changes over time by observing how a team works together. It tailors the information to each of its members, so the more a group of employees work together by viewing, editing and sharing each other’s documents, the more useful Delve becomes. What one person sees on his view in Delve, can be very different from what his colleagues see on theirs.

Office Delve never changes any permissions, so any user only sees the documents that he or she already has access to. It prevents people from seeing any private documents that might belong to their colleagues, such as documents that someone stored in a private folder, or in OneDrive for Businesses.

Two other new Microsoft apps are Sway; which is a lightweight content creation platform, and Revolve; an app for Windows phones which combines aspects of a calendar as well as contact manager. It has been designed to help users by collecting data from different sources and presenting information about meeting schedules.

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