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Pebble Smartwatch: So Many Features…

Pebble Smartwatch: So Many Features...
Pebble Smartwatch: So Many Features…

Pebble Smartwatch: So Many Features…

The Pebble Smartwatch was released in 2013. It features a programmable CPU, memory, storage, vibrating motor, Bluetooth, a magnetometer, an ambient light sensor, an accelerometer. All of these features extend its use beyond just displaying the time. It is capable of interacting with smartphone notifications, activity tracking, map display, gaming, and more.

The Pebble Smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS devices. When connected via Bluetooth, it will vibrate and display incoming calls, text messages, e-mails, and notifications from social media accounts when they are received on iOS or Android. The Pebble can also act as a remote control for the phone, or for cameras such as the GoPro. Among other features, we can mention that a Pebble Smartwatch attached to a bike can display bicycling speed and distance, as well as time spent on the bicycle.

The Pebble app store had over 1,000 applications developed using Pebble’s free software development kit. These apps include remote controls for smartphones, cameras, home appliances, notifications for stock prices, turn-by-turn directions, hundreds of custom watch faces, and much more.

On February 24, 2015, Pebble launched Pebble Time, which is the third generation of the Pebble Smartwatch. Pebble Time comes with a color e-paper LCD display with 64 colors available, a thinner casing, and a microphone. It also includes a new interface designed around a timeline, similar to what is found in Google Now on Android Wear. This watch has up to seven days of battery life from one charge, and is water resistant.

If you’re looking to purchase a smartwatch right now, the best option may be the Pebble Smartwatch, which looks good, works with both iPhones and Android, and is reasonably priced. Its LCD display makes it easy to read the time whenever you want, and a gentle flick of your wrist turns the backlight on, so you can read it in the dark.

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