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Secure Accounts, How to Secure PC Accounts

Secure Accounts: Ten Simple Steps to Secure PC and Online Accounts
Secure Accounts, How to Secure PC Accounts

Secure Accounts: Ten Simple Steps to Secure PC and Online Accounts

Secure Accounts: 1. A secure password: Pick something  unique and memorable. However using one password for multiple accounts can open your computer up to other attacks, as in the case one account is breached, that means others could be too. It’s much better to use a password manager which can eliminate multiple passwords and mitigate other attacks.

2. Remove all apps and junk software preinstalled on your computer, if you won’t use them. This action will eliminate many points of potential attacks.

3. Enable full-disk encryption on your hard drives.  Microsoft’s BitLocker or Apple’s FileVault are good built-in solutions.

4. Setup two-factor authentication on all of your online accounts. Two-factor authentication works by sending a second password to one of your device, such as IPhone. Setting up two-factor authentication bolsters your password considerable. More online accounts support this method, including Apple, Microsoft and Google.

5. Force a secure connection to a web site by adding a plugin called HTTPS Everywhere  in order to protect your privacy and help stay secure. This plugin forces a website to load up using a secure version of the page, if it’s available.

6. Uninstall Java and opt instead for modern Web standards, as Java is renowned by being riddled with bugs and security issues. Apps like Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash are also known to be troublesome, but are still widely used.

7. Use Tor for anonymous browsing. This anonymity network makes browsing history unreadable to the outside malicious actor, so using Torn can significantly help your privacy needs. Tor is one of the best browsing maskers available today.

8. Keep your computer up-to-date, even your Mac. Making sure that your operating system is up-to-date is vital to your computer`s security. Malware (botnets) can be installed on unpatched devices forcing them to enroll even in criminal activity without your knowledge.

9. Using a virtual private network for public Wi-Fi use on your computer can help bolster the poor security on public Wi-Fi networks. A free service like Hotspot Shield funnels your traffic through an encrypted pipeline. In the case malicious actors on the same Wi-Fi network can`t access your data. Services like OpenDNS add an extra layer of security to your browsing and also filter out some of the nefarious and malicious sites.

10. Backup regularly. Setting up a backup on your Mac or Windows 8 and later computers is easy.

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Secure Accounts: Ten Simple Steps to Secure PC and Online Accounts

Secure Accounts: Ten Simple Steps to Secure PC and Online Accounts

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