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Simple Tips to Keep Your iPhone Safe

Simple Tips to keep your iPhone Safe
Simple Tips to Keep Your iPhone Safe

Simple Tips to Keep Your iPhone Safe

Everyone wants to keep their data safe. Apple’s devices are attractive targets for thieves and are often stolen. Theft is the biggest security threat to iPhone users. Here are some tips that every iPod touch and iPhone user should know to prevent others from getting their important information:

  1. Set a Passcode: If your iPhone is stolen, the best way to make sure that the thief can’t access your data is by turning on your iPhone’s built-in Passcode feature. You can set a passcode after its stolen using Find My iPhone, but it’s better to get in the good security habit ahead of time.
  2. Use Touch ID: If your device sports Apple’s Touch ID biometric fingerprint scanner, use it, because having to scan your fingerprint to unlock the device is stronger security than a four-digit passcode. (Passcodes can be forgotten or guessed by a computer after enough time).
  3. Enable Find My iPhone: this may be the way you get it back. This free feature of iCloud allows the phone’s built-in GPS to pinpoint its location on a map, so you and the police can track it to its current location. It’s a great tool for finding lost devices as well.
  4. Don’t jailbreak the device: People advocate jailbreaking your phone because it allows you to customize your phone. (For example, if you have a jailbroken device, you can install apps that have been rejected for inclusion in the official App Store.) If, however, you want your iPhone to be as secure as possible, stay far away from jailbreaking. Apple has designed the operating system that runs on the iPhone with security in mind, so iPhones aren’t subject to viruses, malware, or other software-based security threats. Up until now, the viruses that have struck iPhones have only targeted jailbroken devices. The lure of jailbreaking may be strong, but if security is import to you, don’t do it!
  5. Encrypt Backups: If you sync your iPhone with your computer, the data from your phone is also stored on your desktop or laptop. In this case, the data is potentially accessible by people who can get at your computer. You should secure that data by encrypting the backups. Do the same in iTunes when you sync your iPhone or iPod touch (on the main sync page, in the Options section, you’ll see a checkbox called “Encrypt iPhone backup” or “Encrypt iPod backup” – check that box and set a password for the backup. Don’t forget the password!
  6. Security Apps: Some tools are available at the App Store that appear to perform heavy-duty security functions – like fingerprint or eye scans. However, before you buy security apps at the App Store, make sure you’re clear on what the app does and doesn’t do.

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