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Sync and Organize iOS Apps on Your iPhone

Sync and organize iOS apps on your iPhone
Sync and Organize iOS Apps on Your iPhone

Sync and Organize iOS Apps on Your iPhone

On the Apps page of your iPhone, you can control both what apps are synced to your iPhone as well as sync new apps. You can also arrange all iPhone apps around on your screen.

Apps List – On the left side of the screen, you’ll see the apps that you’ve downloaded to your computer’s hard drive. Click the Install button to the left of an app to sync it to your iPhone.

You can sort the list of apps by kind, name, category, size and date. Check the Automatically Sync New Apps box if you want newly downloaded apps to always be synced.

App Arrangement – On the right side of the screen, you’ll see the home screen and the apps you have on your iPhone. You can arrange new apps, as well as make folders prior to syncing. To arrange apps on the screens, drag the app icon to wherever you want it to go. To move an app to another screen, drag it to the screen on the far-right column that you want it on.

Add/Remove Apps – If you checked the box next to the app on the left, it will be synced. You can add an app by dragging its icon from the left box onto the screen on the right. To remove an app from your iPhone, move the mouse over it and click the X that appears.

Make/Delete Folders – You can make or delete folders on this screen by using the standard procedure.

Add/Remove Screens – To add another screen of apps, drag an app to the last screen in the list on the far right (this screen will be gray). To remove a screen, drag all apps to other screens and it will disappear automatically.

Some apps will share files between the iPhone and your computer. The box Files Share allows you to manage the files you want to share. Click on the app you want. At this point, you can either add new files from your computer to the iPhone, or save files from the iPhone apps to your computer and then sync.

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