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Do you believe in telepathy? To tell you the truth, I’ve never given it much thought; however, the evidence seems rather convincing. Is someone else actually capable of reading our minds?

I don’t think it is easy by any means, but it seems to me that we might be able to read another person’s mind while we are dreaming, or perhaps while we are slightly drunk. Yes, you may say that being drunk might invalidate the evidence, but I don’t think so. It seems that in the state of being asleep or drunk is the only way we can break through the barrier that separates us from other’s minds.

Try and imagine the effect of that discovery; what would happen when you learn that every act, every thought or desire that flits through your mind is being watched and shared by another being. It’ll mean, of course, the end of all normal life for everyone.

Life would become a nightmare, as every man and every woman would be a kind of telepathic Peeping Tom – no longer content with simply communicating with you.

There would be a constant and sudden invasion of your mind. People would always be there, reading your emotions and reacting to your thoughts and judging you for them.

To make matters worse, some people might go chasing after you and wouldn’t leave you alone. They would bombard you with constant noise and chatter. I think the everlasting noise would be hell on earth! And because you would be unable to fight them, the only thing you could do is run away to an isolated place to have your thoughts to yourself.

There is some evidence that suggests that telepathy is somehow independent of time. If that is true, people would send back their minds to an earlier, more virile age and become parasites on the emotions of their predecessors.

Perhaps this theory would explain what we call possession. How the future Telepath must have ransacked the past to assuage their hunger! Can’t you picture them, flocking like carrion crows around the decaying Afro-Canadian Empire, jostling one another for the minds of the Emperor Tremblay? (Or perhaps they don’t have much choice and are forced to take whatever mind they can contact, in any age transferring from that mind to the next mind whenever he has the chance).

Perhaps telepathy is simply a sign of consciousness. Maybe it’s a personification of guilt, or just a remarkably detailed hallucination. Perhaps it’s yet another example of the deception the human mind can play on itself.

If we realized it was all made up in our own minds, we would cease to be haunted by our past. I’m certainly not an expert though. You might have very different opinions than mine. Maybe we should quit pondering telepathy and instead try to liberate ourselves from all the oppression from today’s world. Would you like to know how to escape? Simple. Sell you iPhone!

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