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The Rumored iPhone Rewamp

The Rumored iPhone Rewamp
The Rumored iPhone Rewamp

iPhone 15 – 3 AWESOME News! [Video]

Video uploaded by ZONEofTECH on November 24, 2022

Cremium de la cremium: the rumored iPhone revamp

Though one could rather reasonably argue that the iPhone’s latest iteration, the famous (as usual) Number 14, is already luxurious enough, we are not particularly surprised by the latest gossip related to Number 15. Namely, that – if we are to believe the info dropped by certain ShrimpApplePro on the PhoneArena site – is going to be even of a more premium variety. In other words, the current iPhone might be looking like something if not genetic, then, at least, definitely mid-level next to its glorious successor, etc., etc.

Now granted, we have heard this one before (and will, no doubt, hear this long adage a lot more), and not just by Apple. But there are two things making us sit up and take notice in this case. Firstly, it’s Apple, after all, and most of the time they are good on their word in that regard. Upping their ante is their motto and to their signature phones, it applies more than to any other of their products. And secondly, it’s exactly what is – supposedly – so special about this new iPhone that piqued our interest.

the rumored iphone rewamp all - The Rumored iPhone Rewamp

All iPhone 15 models.

Because ShripmApplePro claims that it will be made of titanium, no less. Not just your regular aluminum, not even more prestigious and efficient stainless steel. Titanium. The stuff planes made off (and with a good reason, considering its tenacity combined with light weight). Something that may not make your new gadget precisely bulletproof, but is expected to protect it from pretty much everything else (from the front, at least: the leakers themselves admit that glass, normally used for the iPhone backs, is there to stay, even though, also supposedly, in a much more pleasing to the eye form). And something like that is, indeed, certain to set your particular iPhone apart not just from all the previous models, but from virtually everything else in the field. Which means that such a phone, in turn, will also set apart its proud owner from the rest of the crowd.

the rumored iphone rewamp pro - The Rumored iPhone Rewamp

Because ShripmApplePro claims that it will be made of titanium, no less. Not just your regular aluminum, not even more prestigious and efficient stainless steel. Titanium.

The only nag there is the fact that this particular novelty, all its great qualities notwithstanding, may well turn out way too costly even for the mighty Apple (and its selflessly dedicated – or bottomlessly pocketed – fans). True enough, Apple is probably the only player out there which may be able to pull a trick like this, and still, we believe it is a bit early to get excited just yet. $35 (at the very least: $50 may be more likely) per kilo is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you put it against the prices of stainless steel. So even the actual premium versions of the upcoming iPhone may well disappoint those who will already take this still very much alleged news at face value. And if not, we are almost sure that this particular update will be only limited to such versions.

Still, it definitely adds intrigue to the next-year launch of iPhone 15. Especially since another design novelty, promised by the same source – the smoothened side edges as opposed to the usual sharp ones – also sounds rather good (some would say, long-overdue)… if, of course, proven true. But there’s always that pesky “if” when leaks are involved, isn’t there?


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