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Think Different

Think different
Think Different

Think Different

Think different is an advertising slogan created by Apple Computer Inc. in 1997. It is not always easy to think outside of the box, but it is worth trying.

In an interview with Peter Burrows in Bloomberg Businessweek in 2004, Steve Jobs said, “We, Apple, do things where we feel we can make a significant contribution. That’s one of my other beliefs.”.

For Apple, it was possible to think differently from the beginning because the company based its own success on innovative technology. In everyday life it is worth trying think differently because there are many opportunities to identify new ideas. Taking the initiative means improving the way you work, and starting something on your own. If you sell electronic devices, for instance, try to offer something new and unexpected.

You should always challenge with candor. Challenging with candor should first start from a personal perspective. Challenge yourself to improve your own understanding of your tasks, and of the people around you. Ultimately, you should try to understand yourself better.

Having a candid attitude toward every subject and applying it to any conversation ultimately leads to improvement.

Every time things are not clear, try to ask yourself why, and look for the answer. This will enable you to produce a mental shift.

Sometimes you do a great job, but people are so busy that they don’t notice you. Therefore, you need to make your efforts interesting. Be ready thus to use every opportunity to do so. Arrive early at the office, leave after your manager, and cook something special for your family this Sunday.

Keep in mind that the law of compensation states that everything you do will come back amplified to you in the future. Therefore, every time you want to benefit from this law you must give in the first place, without worrying about the intermediate outcome of your actions.

Find a metric to measure how your efforts are reimbursed. It may be the consideration of your friends, the preference of your customers, your salary, and so on. Give more initially, and be ready to see the results.

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