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Tip-tap: Welcome Apple’s Tactile Timecheck

Tip-tap: Welcome Apple's Tactile Timecheck
Tip-tap: Welcome Apple’s Tactile Timecheck

All-In-One Time & Attendance Software – TimeCheck (Overview & Features) [Video]

Video uploaded by TimeCheck Software on September 17, 2018

Tip-tap: Please Welcome Apple’s Tactile Timecheck

As we all know, some simple ideas and notions in fact just look simple at first glance but turn out to mean a lot in the real world. And the same applies just as much (if not more to the world of tech). And Apple – who also know it, perhaps better than many, have just proven it all over again by way of one more example. To wit, with TimeCheck they’ve just given us a new way of keeping an eye on the clock… and shown that it’s a bigger matter than many of us might have thought.

Because, on the one hand, currently you’ll be hard pressed to find something more routine and par for the course than checking what time it is. Gone are the days when a clock was an investment and the cutting edge of modern technology. Now we have watches pretty much everywhere, even at some recently-unexpected places, from phones to microwaves. They accompany us 24/7, at home and on the go, at work and in a gym, whatever the weather, whatever the country. We are just bound to be aware of the time all the time. And yet…

tip tap welcome to apples tactile timecheck 1 - Tip-tap: Welcome Apple's Tactile Timecheck

Next generation software to simplify attendance processing.

And yet it turns out to be a less trivial task even for a well-equipped gadget user in many cases. For instance, when the said user talks to someone else and the watch checking may send a not-entirely-nice message of “I’m bored of listening to you” (which might be true but still rude). Or during one of the most popular – and rather essential – daily activities, such as your regular workout when the distraction of looking away (even at your own wrist) is often inadvisable, to the point of being downright risky. And then, there are such inconveniences as darkness hours when looking at bright dial is not particularly healthy either. It all might all seem trifles, but trifles have a tendency to accumulate and interfere at the least opportune moments.

So it’s really nice to know that at least this annoyance is now past us thanks to a new feature of Apple Watch, which is available on iPhone as well. And it doesn’t even come down to additional function of voice assistant (which also can become a bugging disturbance pretty quickly and isn’t exactly helpful in the way of discretion). From now on, you cat set your smartwatch to what can be called a touch mode, though the official title Apple gave this option is “Taptic Time” (which sounds a bit whimsical and with a claim to a pun, but hey, they do have a grounds for it). Essentially, by the means of this feature your Apple Watch can let you know the current time by gentle vibrations. As far as Apple Watch goes, you can switch it on through the Settings, whereas on iPhone you’ll have to open the Watch application. Then choose Clock, and there your Taptic Time will be, on the options’ list. (Just don’t forget to “awake” your display first, because otherwise this feature won’t function).

tip tap welcome to apples tactile timecheck 2 - Tip-tap: Welcome Apple's Tactile Timecheck

Designed to manage employee attendance on the go.

And it’s not just an “on / off” deal, mind. You can select the way you’ll be made aware of what says the enemy, so to speak. There are 3 modes overall: Digits, Terse and Morse Code. The first one of those will tell you about every passing minute (heaven for the hair-splitters among us, we know, but seriously, sometimes every minute literally does matter) while also notifying you about ten-hours, one-hour and ten-minutes intervals, oscillating between longer and shorter taps. The second setting – which, we suspect, will end up the most popular – will count off each quarter of the hour, each hour and every five hours (also going from long taps to short ones). And then, there is the one which does exactly what is says on the tin – telling time in Morse Code, that is (now, knowledge geeks and show-offs, heads up). All you need to do is pick up a mode, long-press it with two of your fingers, and on it goes.

Granted, this set of modes may not be the epitome of flexibility, what with each of them giving you just this many choices of how often you’ll be, well, tapped. In this respect, the good old looking-at-your-armlet (or phone) way still gives the wearer more freedom. But on the level of concept – already implemented concept, lest we forget – it appears to be a step in the right direction and a really good start. And we think, nay nope that it’s exactly what it is: just a start, with more varieties of tapping frequencies waiting in store. Now that the watch can alert its owner of the time passage by vibrations, it seems only natural for the watchmakers to offer the owners more ways to use this handy and helpful option.

After all, if a simple timer can do it…


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