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Top 20 US Cities for Tech Startup Funding

Top 20 US Cities for Tech Startup Funding
Top 20 US Cities for Tech Startup Funding

Top 20 US Cities for Tech Startup Funding

Tech startups in these 20 metro areas received the most venture capital funding so far in 2014.

In the first nine months of 2014, venture capitalists poured $24 billion into tech startups around the US, according to the National Venture Capital Association. About half of that funding went to California, namely San Francisco and Silicon Valley,

Here are the top 20 metropolitan areas receiving such funding through September 30, ranked by funding amount. The figures include tech startups for business services, software, networking and telecom. They exclude however biotech, medical devices, energy, retail and some other domains.

The first city in the list has 506 deals for about $10 billion. The last in the list has 35 deals for $124 million. What about other fifty thousand communities in the US? Didn’t they get anything at all in investments into tech startups?

Here comes the list of the twenty metro areas receiving funding:

1) San Francisco, $9.32 billion, 506 deals

2) San Jose, California (Silicon Valley), $3.78 billion, 237 deals

3) New York, $3.05 billion, 272 deals

4) Boston, $1.05 billion, 158 deals

5) Los Angeles-Long Beach, California (Silicon Beach), $768 million, 105 deals

6) Oakland, California, $510 million, 41 deals

7) Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, Washington, $471 million, 56 deals

8) Provo-Orem, Utah, $462 million, nine deals  Washington D.C., $456 million, 77 deals

9) Chicago, $402 million, 57 deals

10) Austin-San Marcos, Texas, $315 million, 58 deals

11) Salt Lake City-Ogden, Utah, $275 million, 16 deals

12) Denver, $240 million, 26 deals

13) Atlanta, $233 million, 32 deals

14) Orange County, California, $212 million, 46 deals

15) San Diego, $140 million, 31 deals

16) Phoenix, $136 million, 12 deals

17) Dallas, $132 million, 21 deals

18) Philadelphia, $125 million, 32 deals

19) Pittsburgh, $124 million, 35 deals


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Top 20 US Cities for Tech Startup Funding

Top 20 US Cities for Tech Startup Funding

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