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Most businesses today have a Website. In fact, a strong online presence is beneficial to most organization, be it for profit, a non-profit or simply a group furthering a cause. Similarly, most celebrities, such as actors and actresses, singers and models have their own Website. Indeed, a personal or corporate Website has become an integral part of the Internet today.

But how does one create a Website? Many options exist. For example, one can hire a professional Web Designer or Web Developer to complete the task. The World Wide Web is replete with companies offering Web development and Web design services. However, you can also build a Website yourself with little to no technical skills required.

Nowadays, many platforms offering Web hosting also offer the possibility to create your own Website. The process is fairly easy and you do not need to know how to code HTML or any other advanced techniques. You simply use the software and follow guidelines and your Website becomes ready to publish in the matter of minutes to days, depending, of course, on its complexity. In deciding of whether to make your own Website or to hire a professional, it is recommended to evaluate the type of image one wants to project, the target audience and how polished the final product should be.

Online marketing has truly revolutionized the business world. Consumer reviews are commonplace. Interestingly, psychologists say that people are much more prone to write a review (or to talk to persons in their surroundings) when the experience has been a negative one. Thus, negative consumer are much more common than positive ones. Of course, good, successful businesses get good reviews, but a negative review or rating can severely impact a company’s reputation.

For example, Websites offering rating systems can rate anything from doctors and plastic surgeons to hotels and resorts. Human psychology is such that we tend to trust other people’s opinions concerning a particular service or product.­

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