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Universal Mobile Keyboard is the Bluetooth compact cross-platform keyboard-dock for portables. It features 68 keys, including 7 Hot keys and one Home key that brings a user back to home screen in Windows as well as in Android and, presumably, iOS. The hot keys include: Search, Mute, Volume +, Volume -, Play/Pause, Previous Track, Next Track. The keyboard can be paired with up to 3 devices and a user can toggle between them with a switch in the top right corner.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard Review – Bluetooth wireless keyboard that can pair to 3 devices [Video]

Video uploaded by Lon.TV on August 13, 2015.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

The dock can support devices of no more than 0.4-inch thickness at two angles: 45º and 30º approximately. The Universal Mobile Keyboard is powered with the rechargeable 300mAh Lithium battery. The USB – mini-USB charging cable arrives from the box. The keyboard is available in two colors: black and white.


  • Product name: Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard.
  • Type: Portable Keyboard.
  • Keyboard Name: Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard.
  • Keyboard Connection: Wireless.
  • Wireless Platform: Bluetooth.
  • Wireless Frequency: Bluetooth 3.0.
  • Pairing: Pair with up to 3 devices.
  • Wireless Range: 33 feet (obstacles-free).
  • Full compatibility: Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / RT 8.1 / 8 / 7, Apple OS 10.7 – 10.10 / iOS 6 – 8, Android 4.2 – 5.0.
  • Compatibility logos: Designed for Microsoft Windows tablets, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.
  • System requirements: Bluetooth HID.
  • Software: none.
  • Integrated stand fit: devices 0.4 inch or thinner.
  • Keys number: 68.
  • QWERTY Key Life: 5,000,000 actuations per key.
  • Hot keys: Search, Mute, Volume +, Volume -, Play/Pause, Previous Track, and Next Track.
  • Keys life: 500,000 actuations per key.
  • Typing Speed: 1000 characters per minute.
  • Dimensions: 9.53 x 4.29 x 0.47 inches.
  • Weight: 12.875 ounces (Lithium battery included).
  • Keyboard batteries: rechargeable 3.7V 300mAh (min.) Lithium battery.
  • Battery life: 6 months.
  • Colors: black, white.
  • Warranty: 3 years.
  • Part #: P2Z-00029.
  • Windows Certification Kit (WCK): ID: 1726792 (32-bit and 64-bit) Microsoft Windows 10.
  • Price: $ 79.95.


  • The Universal Mobile Keyboard has a rubberized texture and won’t slide around on a table. But this gadget cannot serve as a cover for a tablet.
  • The Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard consists of two parts: the dock and the keyboard held together at the hinges with magnets. The dock can be ripped off and placed at a distance from the keyboard. There are some instructing pictographs on the inner part of the dock. The angle the dock can support the devices at, depends upon the thickness of a device itself. The thinner is the device, the lesser is the angle and the other way about – the thick portables tend to stand more upright. There’s no prop stand though and the devices are kept in place just with the dock and their own weight only. This is fine with smartphones, phablets or narrow tablets, but what with large ones, like iPad Air or Pro, nobody can say. Apparently, the portables are placed in the dock in their landscape orientation for greater balance.
  • There’s no backlight in this keyboard and thus it cannot be used in a semi-dark or dark environment.
  • The keyboard wants no specific software and can be paired to a portable through a routine algorithm of pairing the Bluetooth HID peripherals. iOS and Windows feature built-in support for this class of connection, while Android devices need a closer look. Not every Android device, especially an old one, can support Bluetooth manipulators. If you feel reluctant to fiddle with the settings menu on your tablet, press and hold the power button of your Universal Mobile Keyboard. It also works.
  • With the 300mAh battery Microsoft promises 10 minutes of charge to be enough to last a workday and an overnight charge to last you 6 months. The keyboard is charged via a USB – mini-USB cable that comes in a bundle. There’s a mini-USB charging port on one of the sides. Of course, one will need also a wall plug to attach it to the other end of the cable. But this plug has to be bought separately. To spare the charge, the Universal Mobile Keyboard springs to action when opened and turns off when closed. There’s also a power button, but pay attention to it as you could press this button  accidentally while moving the keyboard around.
  • The layout of this keyboard is more or less standard. Keys are silent, with a sufficient travel, and have enough space between them, but still people with large hands may have problems typing. The arrow keys are placed in the right bottom corner and the Up and Down arrows keys are half reduced in size. The top line of number and punctuation keys is also reduced. The left Shift key is as short as an ordinary letter key.
  • The Universal Mobile Keyboard is a cross-platform device. It works equally well with Windows, Android and iOS portables. The Home button takes a user to the home screen in Windows and Android but not in iOS. It’s the Escape button that performs the Home function in iOS. Fn key and ALT key pressed simultaneously opens and closes the iPad virtual keyboard. This Microsoft keyboard also sports a CMD key for Apple devices, placed next to the Home one. In Android the CMD key works as a CTRL key though.



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