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How to Sell Your Mac Pro Online

Get an offer for your Mac Pro


Enter your Mac Pro specifications and get a free immediate quote in just seconds.

Ship your Mac Pro


Use the provided prepaid shipping label, just pack up your Mac Pro and ship to us.

Get paid for your Mac Pro


We’ll process your order after your Mac Pro arrives, & you’ll get your payment fast.

How to Trade Your Used Mac Pro Online

You may think it’s complicated, but at iGotOffer.com, we assure you it’s not! In a few minutes, you can answer these questions, and you’re halfway there:

  • Step 1: Choose your model.
  • Step 2: Choose your processor speed, processor core, processor type, and year.
  • Step 3: Select your storage.
  • Step 4: Select your memory.
  • Step 5: Are you including the original power cord?
  • Step 6: Are you including other accessories?
  • Step 7: In what condition is your computer: Broken, Fair, Good, Flawless, New.

Apple’s Mac Pro workstation and server computer represents the ultimate high-end model in the Mac lineup. Not only is it lighter, leaner, and quieter, with the most streamlined design, it’s also the most powerful computer Apple ever made. Nonetheless, another new dawn in computing will surely arrive, with a kaleidoscope of upgrades. Why not sell us your used Mac Pro for the highest cash price paid on the market, and get in on the action? You’ll also be pleasantly surprised that we’ll be thrilled to take possession of your Mac Pro, whether it looks like it’s seen a ghost, or it’s virtually untouched!

So you’ve answered the above questions and have made the decision to proceed - congratulations! You’ll soon be be rewarded with a speedy quote, and it will probably be better than you imagined. If you approve, we’ll email you a confirmation and prepaid shipping label to use when you mail us your computer. In fact, there’s no cost for shipping throughout your entire transaction!

When we receive your Mac Pro, we’ll inspect it and give you a final offer. It’s totally your call - if you prefer, we can just ship it back for free. If you accept it, you have the option of receiving payment by check, as well as PayPal and Chase QuickPay, in which case payment is virtually instantaneous! Soon you’ll be happily shouting, “I got PAID!”

Get the Best Price For Your Mac Pro at iGotOffer.com!

If you’re like most people, you’ll research all your options before deciding where to do business; we understand this. But we believe it won’t take long for you to realize we’re your best bet. Why? Because many online buyers are rinky-dink companies that haven’t stood the test of time. Because it’s a pain to go to an electronics store at the mall visited by everyone and their cousin. Because Apple GiveBack, although a reputable program, only accepts the latest models, will pay you with an Apple gift card or account credit, and pays less than we do. None of these options are paradise.

iGotOffer.com has been registered as an online consumer electronics buyer since 2011, and our track record speaks for itself. Leading companies that evaluate marketplace trust - such as the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and ResellerRatings.com, - have awarded us exemplary ratings. Our customers have given us an overall five-star rating, and you can read their unbiased and unedited reviews on our website Testimonials page. Don’t be shocked if you see a few negative comments there; we take heed and use them to constantly improve our service.

We invite you to join our loyal following on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. On our website, be sure to explore our Blog, Apple Encyclopedia, Microsoft Encyclopedia, and iReflections, where a whole new world of well-written articles and guides awaits you. For quick access to the pages and links mentioned above, read this: What's iGotOffer?

To get your Mac Pro to us in the best condition (and command the best payout), please pack your computer with the utmost care.

We highly recommend that, before sending your Mac Pro to us, you delete all personal information from your hard drive. But if you forgot to do this, we’ll happily do it for you. We DON’T and WON’T share your personal info with any third parties.

It’s time to get started: What on earth have you got to lose?

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