Microsoft Miscelaneous

Microsoft Miscelaneous

Here is the list of our texts dedicated to interesting and often ignored facts about Microsoft Corp. (Microsoft miscellaneous), its devices, software and other curious and somewhat amazing information: (more…)

Image Basics

Most of the images you can see in the Net, download or import from a camera are so called raster images. That means that the image is made up of thousands of small dots known as pixels. (more…)

Different Types and Categories of Laptops

All the laptops are created different; they vary by size, weight, power, functionalities, the way users can input data, etc. But all of them are computers in small package. The laptop remains a mainstay among computer electronics. Besides with newer hardware geared towards performance, laptops are a viable option for those who want a mobile device that can do a good deal more than what a traditional tablet is capable of. Historically, people divide laptops categories as follows: (more…)

Microsoft: New All-In-One PC Presentation

New All-In-One PC: Windows fans and haters have to circle the 26th of October in their calendars. As this is the date of annual event Microsoft presents new products, rumors have it, we’re going to meet the new OEM all-in-one PC under Windows 10 with Surface keyboard and mouse. Exactly how gossip mills derived that escapes me, but taking into account the lifelong competition between Microsoft and Apple, Myerson is a tad late, don’t you think? All-in-one PCs ceased being the hottest thing in town long time ago. Microsoft will have to roll out something really great to awe the audience. (more…)

Non-Surface Windows Tablets

Windows tablets had had their share long before Surface entered the market. Before launching Surface-branded tablets, Microsoft tested their OS on tablets of third-part manufactures: Acer, Fujitsu-Siemens, Wpad. The old tablet circa 2002, Fujitsu-Siemens Stylistic, ran Windows XP! And it had a touch screen and a stylus control. The stylus performed a mouse functions, such as right and left clicks and highlighting. Windows XP Tablet Edition sported special stylus apps pack including: Equation Writer, Windows Journal, Ink Flash Cards and One Note 2003. Equation Writer was used for formulae, Ink Flash Cards and Windows Journal – for pen writing notes. The handwriting was converted into fonts; which user can change with a Word-like toolbars. (more…)

A Hat for Your Cat

As the new musical ad declares, Macs are as useful as a hat for your cat. Is it true? Both have keyboards and SSDs for storage, both have touch screen…. Oops! Wait-wait-wait, Macbooks don’t have touch screens? Really? Oh, boy, we’re well into the second decade of the 21st century, for crying out loud! Yes, sad but true. Macbooks are only rumored to get touch screens in the future. (more…)