/*test3*/ iMac Thunderbolt 2, its Specifications and Other Info
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New 2014 iMac Thunderbolt 2

New 2014 iMac Thunderbolt 2
New 2014 iMac Thunderbolt 2

New 2014 iMac Thunderbolt 2

iMac Thunderbolt 2: If you’re looking to replace your old iMac with something better, you may be in luck. Apple is planning to release an upgraded model for its all-in-one line of computers next week while lowering the prices of the previous machines currently on the market.

According to the website www.macg.co, these new and improved iMacs will have slightly faster processors and may include Thunderbolt 2 ports. Apple’s 27-inch iMac models will be available with a 3.3-GHz Core i5-4690 processor, a 3.5-GHz Core i5-4690 processor or a 3.6-GHz Core i7-4790 processor. Meanwhile, the 21.5-inch models will come with 3.0-GHz Core i5-4590 processors and 3.5-GHz Core i5-4790S processors. Overall, the chips in these new iMacs are expected to be about 100MHz more than their predecessors.

This latest news comes right on the heels of the debut of Apple’s OS X Yosemite operating system, which offers improved iOS integration and an improved interface with translucent windows and new icons. The OS X Yosemite operating system will be available as a public beta in July.

In the past when Apple released a faster version of the iMac, they cut the prices of the current generation. That will most likely happen again, but how low the prices will go remains to be seen.

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