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Apple’s Apps: How To Listen Apple Music On Android Devices

Apple's Apps: How To Listen Apple Music On Android Devices Apple music
Apple’s Apps: How To Listen Apple Music On Android Devices

Apple’s Apps: How To Listen Apple Music On Android Devices

Surprisingly, Apple has created and launched an application of Apple Music for Google Android devices. The new Apple Music for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and PC is an interesting service. It combines iTunes Radio as well as Beats Music and was launched in June, 2015.

It will arrive on Android phones this fall.

According to some estimates, Apple was shooting for more than one hundred million subscribers prior to the launch of Apple Music and was able to sell over one billion iOS devices. At least half of those devices are active today, which gives Apple a nice and solid base to build from.

As soon as the electronic giant adds Apple’s App for Android, it will gain at least another billion potential subscribers. This will make it easier to turn Apple Music into a very big cash cow. Apple purchased Beats Music and Beats Electronics, which was already supported on Android, back in 2014. The new Apple Music (or at least the Android version), might even use modified code from the Beats Music app.

However, this is the first time Apple’s software supports Android, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Google has dozens of apps and services for iOS, which can be used on Macs, iPhones or iPads – Gmail, Google Maps, Drive, Google Play Music, and Apple is taking on Google Now directly with improvements to Siri and Search in iOS 9 (iOS 8 added many previous Android-only widgets and apps to iPhones and iPads). We’re excited to see how long this Apple Music deal lasts, as well as how many Android users will take Apple up on its new Music service.

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