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Bitcoin-Enabled iOS Game

Bitcoin-Enabled iOS Game The Slaying of Bearwhale.
Bitcoin-Enabled iOS Game

A Bitcoin-Enabled iOS Game

The bitcoin market is expanding! The peer-to-peer nature of this digital currency makes it a great in-app currency for gaming developers by helping them to quickly gain new users and increasing their engagement.

One of the first mobile developers to integrate bitcoin on iOS is Christian Moss. Recently, he released a Bitcoin-Enabled iOS Game, Game of Birds. Users can get paid out bits to their Coinbase wallet within the game.

Coinbase.com asked Christian Moss about Game of Birds and the first bitcoin-based and bitcoin-enabled iOS game and app so far, and here are some of his answers:

Question: Why did you integrate bitcoin into the game?

Answer: Paying out bits in games is one of the fastest and easiest way to get bitcoin into the hands of new users globally. I thought integrating with Coinbase would be a great way to give more people bitcoin, grow my user base, and drive engagement within the game.

Question: What was the most challenging aspect of getting the app approved by Apple?

Answer: We had to explain to Apple how bitcoin works in the app and that it is safe. We had to be clear that bitcoin is not used for in-app purchases. We had to be clear that users would earn bitcoin tips, but would not be guaranteed bitcoin. There was some back and forth, but they eventually became comfortable with our approach.

Question: How has the bitcoin community responded to the app thus far?

Answer: I think the community is really good for gaming devs to tap into, because it is generally young, tech savvy, and passionate. The majority of the community sees the potential of bitcoin in gaming and has been very supportive of Game of Birds, a Bitcoin-enabled iOS game. A few users seemed unhappy that the app was not available on Android (especially international users), but I am considering building on Android in the future.

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