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Apple Store vs. Google Play. What is better?

Apple Store vs. Google Play. What is better?
Apple Store vs. Google Play. What is better?

Apple Store vs. Google Play. What Is Better?

Apple Store – Google Play: Apple is undoubtedly a very successful company, known for its outstanding quality control and customer service. The Genius Bar at the Apple store has left many a customer satisfied beyond expectations. Further, the App store is a very attractive option to software developers, since they can keep up to 70% of their earnings. Getting to keep most of the revenue generated attracts a lot of developers to writing programs for Apple, which helps the company out; however, Apple makes most of its revenue by selling hardware, computers and mobile phones. Apple is very popular among entire target audiences, such as the student population and because of this, they rule a large percentage of the computer market. Their laptops, such as MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are especially popular with the masses.

However, apps allow the different brands to connect to consumers and target audiences in unprecedented ways. After all, you may buy an iPhone because you like the phone, but the fact that you can download mobile apps for Blogger, Gmail and Twitter only adds to the overall enjoyment of the device.

The only real competition Apple faces in the mobile market is the Android. Android also offers a lot of high quality and diversified apps. However, Google Play offers apps for Android that do not have to be synced in the same way Apple apps have to be, giving them an advantage on the market. Google Play is the counterpart of the Apple Store for the Android market, because Consumers can purchase games, apps and other content for their Android devices in the same way that iPhone users purchase their content from the Apple store.

Interestingly, Google Play is the new name for the Android Market, also known as the Play Store, (previously Play Shop). What is even more interesting, is that the name and icon changed and were replaced automatically on Android phones across the world, simultaneously. Analysts and consumers alike say that the quality of Apple Apps far exceed the quality of Android Apps, but regardless, Apple has a real rival in the mobile market. Software developers still often choose to build for iOS first, simply because it is easier. One thing is clear however, iOS and Android are the two main players in today’s market and are leaps and bounds ahead of any other app market available!

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