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Getting Ready To Sell Your iPhone 5

Sell Used iPhone 6 Plus Getting Ready To Sell Your iPhone 5
Getting Ready To Sell Your iPhone 5

Getting Ready To Sell Your iPhone 5

Before you sell your iPhone 5, unlock it to boost its resale value. This will increase the amount you receive for the sale of the phone. Once unlocked, your used iPhone 5 can be used on alternate GSM carriers. You will need to contact your carrier directly to inquire about its unlock.

Before you sell your iPhone 5, remove the SIM Card and deactivate the device. Deactivating your used iPhone 5 will prevent the phone from making and receiving calls, or transferring data. Remember that you do not want to deactivate the cellular account. Deactivate only the device itself, otherwise you may lose your phone number.

Once again, make sure you unlock your phone first. This is an important step, because once your phone is unlocked it can be used on alternate GSM carriers throughout the USA, and throughout the world. That is why its value increases.

Erase Your Data Before You Sell Your iPhone 5

You can remove all settings from your iPhone 5 by tapping Erase All Content and Settings. To do so, tap Settings – General – Reset – Erase all Content and Settings. This procedure will erase your old iPhone 5.

Erase the iPhone and restore it to factory settings only after you have made a backup, otherwise you will lose everything you once had on the iPhone 5!

If your iPhone 5 wasn’t able to remove all the settings and data, select the Erase All Content and Settings option again.

Make sure to follow all these steps, and you will be ready to sell your device without worrying about losing any of your data!

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Apple iPhoneiGotOffer Useful Information

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