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Google Pixel vs iPhone

pixel vs iphone
Google Pixel vs iPhone

Google Pixel vs iPhone

Five things Google’s Pixel does better than the iPhone

Fast Charging: The USB-C Fast Charging on the Pixel XL is significantly more efficient than the lightning charger on the iPhone 7 Plus. During the test by Business Insider, (businessinsider.com) the Pixel XL charged to 57% in about an hour, while the iPhone 7 Plus charged to only 37%.

Battery Life: While both iOS and Android have low-battery power saving mode options, Android has an additional battery saving feature called “Doze”. When your phone is idle and not being jostled, doze turns everything off that may prevent your phone from going to sleep. Like Facebook’s App, which prioritizes itself as important enough to keep your phone on.

Screen: While both phone screens are beautiful, the Pixel XL, with its higher resolution, 1440P amolded screen, outperforms the 1080P LCD screen on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Weight and Size: The Pixel XL packs in all of these features while having a smaller profile than the iPhone 7 Plus. It weighs less than the iPhone 7 Plus (168g vs 188g) and it’s also thinner, despite having the same screen size as the iPhone 7 Plus.

Note: You can also be interested in reading an amazing text on Forbes Magazine (and we quote some phrases):

Camera kills it: “After leaning toward the iPhone 7 Plus’ camera, I think the Pixel XL sometimes snaps better photos, sometimes the 7 Plus does. That’s my take after comparing lots of photos with both cameras and consulting with a long-time amateur photographer, who has a good eye for detail, color gradation, accurate color reproduction, and so on.”

The bottom line is that the Pixel XL has a remarkable camera, that can hold its own against, or beat, the best smartphone cameras out there. You will be impressed, considering this is Google’s first branded phone, though Google has a lot of experience via Nexus, the early Moto X phones.

Design Kills it, too: “ The Pixel XL’s slightly smaller chassis, compared to the 7 Plus and the feel-in-the-hand thing, is slightly better than the iPhone. Of course, critics will say that the Pixel mimics the iPhone’ s physical design.
Pixel powerhouse: Running Android apps on the Pixel XL, is just as satisfying as iOS apps on the 7 Plus. Needless to say, I have all the apps I use on the iPhone. The bigger point is that Android is buttery smooth, just like iOS on the iPhone. It’s hard to tell which phone I’m using sometimes, because the app experience is so similar.”

And the XL is extremely fast. It proves that you don’t need to make your own processors (like Apple), in order to meld a great OS experience with fast silicon (the Pixel XL uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip).

Note: The fingerprint scanner (an extremely minor inconvenience being on the back of the phone) works more consistently for me than Apple’s new solid-state home button. (Which doesn’t always read fingerprints, and can drive users crazy).


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