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GoodSam App: Advanced Emergency Alerting Platform

GoodSam App: the most advanced emergency alerting platform
GoodSam App: Advanced Emergency Alerting Platform

GoodSam App: The Most Advanced Emergency Alerting Platform

This article discusses a potentially life-saving app: GoodSam. Everyone who has a smartphone is familiar with apps. Today, there are apps for almost anything. For example, there’s a mirror app for the iPhone which turns your iPhone into a tool to look at yourself in a matter of seconds. While the mirror is a relatively simple app, there are many apps that are much more complex. But did you know that there is an app that could save your life or the life of someone else? The GoodSam app instantly connects you to emergency personnel, even showcasing what is going on at the scene of trauma to first responders.

Good Smartphone Activated MedicsGoodSam for short, which is also a play on the words good Samaritan, is an app that allows you to connect to emergency personnel and live stream what is happening. Doctors say that knowing what happened at the scene could help in response time, which is critical to saving a person’s life. Thus, knowing what is going on before arriving at the scene could save time, which is significant in trauma situations. The app allows video streaming, but not in the same way as Periscope, the app that allows streaming video live and connecting to users across the world. GoodSam sends encrypted video to protect confidentiality.

The app is used in many parts of the world, and the goal is to get more emergency personnel on board. Currently, the app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows phones. Once the app is downloaded, there is the option to call for help. Once the option is tapped, it connects the user to first responders and sends GPS signals. However, the person using the app does not need to be the person who is injured or requires medical help. At the moment, the live stream option is only available for iOS, but the capability will be available for Android soon.

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