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The Best Apple Watch Health And Fitness Apps

The Best Apple Watch Health And Fitness Apps Apple Watch: essential moves
The Best Apple Watch Health And Fitness Apps

The Best Apple Watch Health And Fitness Apps

The Workout app on the Apple Watch is great for the types of workouts it offers. However, there are also apps which provide more fitness options. You can add many different types of apps to the iPhone and Apple watch, from general purpose timers for interval training, to apps that can guide the user through high-intensity workouts, and more. By using the Featured screen and the Search screen on the Apple Watch and iPhone, you’ll find a wide variety of fitness-related and exercise-related apps. These apps can help you to perform your daily workouts. There are other apps which can also help you practice and explore yoga, and apps that have been designed for running or cycling. Note that many of the exercise apps have been designed to work on an iPhone and Apple Watch in tandem. For example, iPhone GPS and location-tracking features measure your performance while Apple Watch sensors monitor your activity, so that together these gadgets deliver a wealth of information and performance metrics to help you track and improve your performance. However, they can also be used separately. Here a few of these workout apps:


This app encourages the user to fit in a quick workout when they have a few minutes to spare. On the Apple Watch, this app prompts the user to specify how many minutes are available for the workout. Then, the Misfit app leads the user through a series of exercises designed to work the body efficiently in the given amount of time. Animated diagrams accompany the exercises, making the instructions easy to follow and understand.


This useful app on the Apple Watch can remind you to take your medications on time, and allows you to mark each dose that was taken. Users can use the Medication Reminders feature in the iPhone app to specify the details of the medications, dosages, and times. Users can display their medication schedule on their Apple Watch and view what medication they are due to take. Users can also receive reminders at the appropriate times. When they take a medication, they can tap Take to log the fact that they have taken the medication.


The full name of this app says all you need to know: Medisafe Medication Reminder and Pill Organizer. This app was designed to help you remember to take your medications at the right times and in the right amounts. First, you enter the data of the meds on your iPhone, such as the medication name, dosage, and timing. Next, the MediSafe app on the Apple Watch reminds you what to take and when. The app can also alert others when you forget to take your pills.


It is easy to guess what the Running for Weight Loss app has been designed for. It helps you lose weight by running. This app is a program of interval-training workouts that combine walking, running, and sprinting. This app can be used for either indoor or outdoor running. For outdoor running, users can access GPS running maps to keep them on track. Workouts can be edited manually. Users can also set up their running entertainment, such as audio books, podcasts, and music, from within the app. The free version of the Running for Weight Loss app has a barrage of ads. This approach encourages users to pay for premium membership.


The Strava app is a running and cycling app. The first time you run this app on your iPhone, you should choose your primary activity, either cycling or running. Of course, you can switch between the two sports. Strava can record your time and distances. The Strava Glance can be displayed in Glances to give the user quick access to the current status. As it happens, the basic version of Strava is free. To get the most out of the app, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version, which includes many new features, such as Real-Time Segments, which compares your times over particular segments of the ride or run with the time of other Strava users.


The Runmeter app tracks the progress of your workout. It works for running, cycling, skating, skiing, and other foot-propelled exercises and activities. On the Apple Watch, you can set up a workout, start it, and record lap times. You can end the workout tracking after you have finished the workout. The app enables you to track your heart rate, pace, speed, power, and step cadence. It can also play motivational announcements to help you persist with the hard work.


The Seven app was designed to help you exercise vigorously in just 7 minutes. It leads the user through a series of twelve high-intensity exercises, that can be performed almost anywhere. The app prompts you by voice through a series of push-ups, jumping jacks, and step-ups without or with minimal equipment. Each exercise takes 30 seconds. You get 10 seconds of rest between each exercise. You can view clear graphics of each exercise on the Apple Watch screen, which is very useful, as it eliminates any confusion or excuse you may have. Seven integrates with Apple’s HealthKit, allowing the user to review his or her workouts in the Health app.


This app helps users to perform strength-training workouts using the Apple Watch and iPhone. The body-PRO app includes more than 30 preset strength workouts, plus a metronome and tiers to help people keep their exercises on track. On the iPhone, users can choose the workout he or she wants to perform. It is also possible to customize the exercises, repetitions, weights, and rest periods. Then, the user can start the workout. With the app running on their iPhone, users can control the workout on their Apple Watch. They can change the tempo of the workout if needed, and they can mark each exercise as complete when they are finished.


The FitNet app provides hundreds of workouts, such as strength, yoga, kettlebells, and cardio. Some of these workouts are free, but for many others you’ll have to pay. With FitNet on your iPhone, you can control the app from your Apple Watch, as it enables you to direct your workout from your wrist. The FitNet app can also share your fitness data with the Health app on your iPhone. If you interconnect them, you’ll be able to review and analyze your FitNet workouts in the Health app.


This app provides you with intense workouts using the iPhone and Apple Watch. The Tabata protocol helps you alternate short periods of intense activity with even shorter periods of recovery. You can alternate short periods of activity, such as a cycle of ten repetitions of 20 seconds each, followed by 10 seconds of recovery. On the iPhone, the Intervals app allows users to set up any number of different interval-based workouts. The user can then select the workout he or she wants either on their iPhone or Apple Watch. The device keeps the user on track with timers and sounds.


With this app users can target their abdominals to get a clearly defined “six-pack” of muscles. On the iPhone, the app provides high-definition workout videos, avatar trainers, training plans, music, tips and more. On Apple Watch, the Runtastic Six Pack app gets right down to business, as it shows the user the exercises the midsection needs and helps the user log the workouts.


This is a free timer app which provides High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT for short) and Tabata. On the Apple Watch, choose the number of sets and the set duration, then tap Start. On the iPhone, you can customize the Chronofit app using the set numbers and durations that you need. The Chronofit app provides a stopwatch to make it easy to time events.


The Pocket Yoga app gives you an easy way to practice various yoga workouts using the iPhone and Apple Watch. You can use many options, such as the number of repetitions, the duration of the workout, or the difficulty of the exercise. On the Pocket Yoga app, you can choose among environments such as Home, Office, or Studio. You can turn on or off music and voice. You can also choose whether to share the data generated during your workouts with the Health app. The Apple Watch shows you easy-to-understand diagrams of the poses to hold. You can view them on the Apple Watch when paused, and resume playback; you can monitor the progress you make through the workout.


This app guides you through various yoga workouts. On the iPhone, the FitStar yoga sets the duration of the workout, the difficulty, and the poses. It uses high-definition video to demonstrate the poses. It enables you to fit in a yoga workout anywhere a space allows to lay down a mat. Yoga sessions can be customized to make them suitable for your goals and your body. On the Apple Watch, the FitStar Yoga app allows the user to control a playback of a session and monitor the progress. The basic level of the FreeStar Yoga app is free. To access more content, you must buy the premium version.


You can use this app to track and record your performance while running, cycling, or hiking. Like other similar apps, the WeatherRun app displays your route, speed, distance achieved, and duration of your workout. The app retrieves the barometric pressure information from your iPhone, so it can display the current conditions and altitude. The app gets local weather statistics from the Internet, so it can add the temperature, humidity, and wind duration and speed. The WeatherRun app monitors your heart rate via the Apple Watch. All of this adds up to comprehensive information about your workouts.

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