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What Is the Best Internet Of Things Play?

What Is The Best Internet Of Things Play?
What Is the Best Internet Of Things Play?

What Is the Best Internet Of Things Play?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular and trending subject. IoT refers to the interconnectedness of devices and their connection to the Internet across the world. Billions of various devices are already connected. Interestingly, even toys are now part of the arrangement. But are smart toys safe?

One fascinating smart toy is Hello Barbie. Hello Barbie is a new spin on the classic doll. With over 8,000 lines of recorded content, Hello Barbie is a Barbie doll capable of holding a conversation, telling jokes and stories. The toy has a corresponding app that has to be downloaded to a device and the doll must also be configured. However, an Internet connection is no longer required after configuration.

Children love to play, explore and make new friends. Indeed, the smart Barbie doll provides opportunities to do all of these things. Nonetheless, there may be a security breach that allows hackers to get the home address of a child playing with the toy. Luckily, this is only possible if the hacker is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Recently, companies producing smart toys came under attack. The problem is that smart toys may not be safe and allow hackers to gain customers’ data. Unfortunately, as many companies have put it, a company operating online cannot give a 100% guarantee of never being hacked into. Of course, most online banking is protected by the banks in that if your account is hacked, all the money you lose will be given back by the bank, but what can be done with smart toys?

Stealing data is rampant in many areas. Personal data is stolen then sold to other companies. Anyone who is constantly harassed by telemarketers knows how phone numbers are stolen from online databases. Once your number appears on a certain list of leads somewhere, you begin to receive unwanted phone calls. Although relatively little can be done to keep your data secure (aside from the usual protection offered for transactions on the Internet), it is important to follow some simple rules, such as never giving your phone number on Websites, unless the data is protected.­

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