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How to Build Confidence in iPhone Conversations

How To Build Confidence in iPhone Conversations
How to Build Confidence in iPhone Conversations

How to Build Confidence in iPhone Conversations

Speaking honestly, using confident body language, making eye contact and showing your smile can all be rather difficult tasks while talking over Facetime on your iPhone; however, these pieces of advice can make or break your conversation! So, why not practice a few of these confidence building tips in a nearby mirror?

Make eye contact: Eye contact projects confidence, sincerity and transparency to the person you are talking to.

The eyes are “the windows to the soul”. Eye-contact is a very important aspect of non-verbal communication, because your eyes transmit your intentions as well as your emotions to others. In a business world, making good eye contact is the first thing your employer will look for when you show up to an important meeting.

Ensure you look directly into the eyes of the person you are speaking to (even if it’s not so easy to do while using video chat). Use eye contact even while listening to someone, because it tells them that you are concentrating fully on what they are saying.

Body Language: Research has proven that about 90 percent of all human communication is based on non-verbal cues! Therefore, we need to be very careful of the body language we project to others.

Simply folding your arms across your chest can be seen as an uninterested or a defensive stance. Hanging your head low projects a lack of self-confidence, and slouching in a chair suggests to your opponent that you feel you’re not up to whatever task they are asking of you. You want to avoid the negative associations of these particular cues!

Smile: Smiling is simple and yet this action is an immensely powerful way to build a positive rapport with people. We know from studies that people who smile more are better at managing, teaching, selling, etc.

Smiling is so effective, that many sales organizations encourage their salespeople to smile while they are speaking on the phone, even though no one can actually see them.

Smiling will not only make you feel more confident, but it will also encourage others to smile as well. The simple act of smiling might even make others more open to business proposals, so be sure to smile when you’re selling your old iPhone!

Just remember, you should always try to maintain a positive attitude! People can pick up on your anxiety and take it as a sign of inefficiency. (No pressure!)

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