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Fix iPhone Water Damage: iPhone and Rice

Fix iPhone water damage: iPhone and Rice
Fix iPhone Water Damage: iPhone and Rice

Fix iPhone Water Damage: iPhone and Rice

We depend on our cell phones, so we keep them with us constantly. Unfortunately, this gives us plenty of opportunity to break them.

Sometimes, we drop cell phones from our laps when we get out of our cars, or perhaps off the edge of a 20th floor balcony while reaching for glass of wine. Sometimes we leave our phones in the pocket of our jeans while they are being washed in the washing machine.

Imagine losing track of where your iPhone is and calling it on your land line to find it. You hear the garbled ringtone deep inside of your washer. Some machines even lock during parts of the cycle, forcing you to have to watch through the window helplessly as your phone tumbles in the suds! Even worse, sometimes a phone might go through both the washer and the dryer before being discovered. Is your laundered phone actually broken?

Many people claim that wet phones can be dried out by silica gel packs or dry rice, because both of those products are moisture-absorbing.

If this unfortunate accident happens to you, immediately put your phone into a bowl filled with rice and don’t forget to remove the case and sim card first. Keep it in the dry rice for three or five days. Our phones have so much of our lives on them- our music, podcasts, photos, apps. It’s almost like a piece of yourself in that rice bath, isn’t it? Waiting several days will no doubt be tortuous.

Change the rice out daily and no matter how tempting, do not turn your iPhone on! After 4 our 5 days of praying and waiting, pull your device out of the rice and plug it into the charger. Do not power the phone back on or charge it if there is still water inside; this will cause an electrical short and can crash the device.

Keep in mind that the detergent soap will not evaporate. Rinsing the soapy phone in distilled water before placing in rice will remove the soap and improve the odds of it being recovered. In some devices, if you can remove the battery fast enough, you can also save your phone by preventing an electrical short.

If you are lucky, the rice trick can work wonders. Your patience might be rewarded. Or, perhaps your iPhone’s destiny is to remain dead forever…

If that’s the case, put on those washed jeans and go to your nearest Apple store and leave with both a new iPhone and a considerably lighter wallet. That is one expensive load of laundry, as well as an incredibly hard lesson to learn!

Additional info:

This text is based on numerous customers who witnessed the process and confirmed that the method worked. However, we later received new reports stating that the rice actually doesn’t help. Its role may be defined as a “placebo effect”, that’s the unfortunate owner doesn’t try to turn on his or her smartphone if it dropped into the water, but covers the gadget with dry rice instead. It seems that the rice helps, but actually the interior of the phone just gradually dries, the process can take up to 50 hours or even more. It may never work, or it may finally result in a complete success, but the truth is that the phone will dry rice or not. So you can envelop the gadget with rice or just leave it as it is. Just never try to turn it on while it its wet and let it get completely dry, the process will take long hours. Good luck!

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