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Adjust Privacy Settings On iPhone or iPad

Adjust Privacy Settings On iPhone or iPad
Adjust Privacy Settings On iPhone or iPad

Adjust Privacy Settings On iPhone or iPad

Most people want to keep their web browsing, location, social and other data private. You want to make sure your web history, cookies and other information about your browsing while using your iPhone or iPad doesn’t get tracked and recorded. Is it possible to adjust privacy settings on your device? The answer is “yes!” It is not only possible to adjust your desired privacy settings on your iPhone and iPad, but even better, it`s easy to do!

Safari pioneered what’s called Private Browsing. On iOS 7 and later, Private Browsing can easily be enabled from the tabs, bookmark and smart search field screens.

What happens if you inattentively gave access to your apps about your location data, contacts, and other sensitive information? It`s easy to remove this data as well. Fortunately, the newest iOS makes it easy to review and change your privacy settings.

Having access to a VPN service can also help keep your data private. If you are on a network you don’t trust, you can clear all personal and private website data from Safari on your devices, even if you didn’t initially use Safari’s private browsing. So, all awkward and potentially compromising or embarrassing data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch will be safe, including your mail, messages, photos, and more. You even have the extreme option of securely wiping your device, and thus killing old backups.

Useful tip: Use a password manager such as 1Password, LastPass, oneSafe or other password manger apps for your iPhone and iPad. Due to the lack of browser plugins on iOS, iPhone and iPad password managers aren’t always as well integrated as they are on Mac or Windows, but there are still many on the App Store to choose from.­

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