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Everything We Know about Apple’s iPhone Xs

Everything We Know about Apple's iPhone Xs
Everything We Know about Apple’s iPhone Xs

2018 iPhone XS launch event: Everything we’re expecting [Video]

Video uploaded by CNET on September 6, 2018

iPhone Xs – What we can expect from the new Apple flagship model

Like every year, a wide audience worldwide is waiting all year round to hear what new Apple products will be announced. Apple will officially present the new generation of iPhones on September 12. But a lot of information about the new models has already leaked out, which is why the excitement about Apple’s latest innovations is already growing rapidly worldwide. Apple Keynote 2018 will take place shortly and of course you have to ask yourself: Which products will be presented and what can you expect from them?

iPhone Xs – The new flagship model of the US manufacturer?

What Apple’s new flagship will actually be called is not yet known for sure. What has leaked out, however, is that it will be called iPhone XS. These are of course only rumors, because nobody knows exactly what Apple will present on September 12th.

Most sources so far rely on the US website 9to5Mac, which is usually an extremely reliable source of Apple news, stating that the product names iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus are very likely.

In this regard, Slashleaks recently received a picture showing the alleged sticker on the packaging of the new iPhone XS. If this is not a fake, this sticker in fact not only reveals the name of the new smartphone, but also shows that the Lightning jack adapter provided with the iPhone 7 is no longer included in the list of package contents.

This would mean that users would have to buy the phone plug adapter separately, which would certainly cause some displeasure among Apple’s followers..

iphone xs gold - Everything We Know about Apple's iPhone Xs

According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone XS is going to have a golden back and edges

Yet, Apple fans across the world are too eager to get their hands on the iPhone Xs. For instance, a mobile carrier in Romania, launched the iPhones Xs pre-ordering, and the Chinese online store has already put it up for purchase.

The alleged features of the new iPhone Xs

If one wants to trust the professional analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the 5.8 inch iPhone XS model contains an A12 processor, which is manufactured by Apple. According to his statements, the RAM should be at 4GB, whereby the internal memory will be available in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB sizes. Dual-Sim should not be included. The main camera should be a dual camera with 12 megapixels each. The built-in battery should be able to deliver a performance of about 2,800 milliampere hours.

According to Kuo, the display of the smallest iPhone should have a resolution of 2436×1125 pixels. The website Pocketnow also reports that all three supposed Apple iPhones, which are to be presented on September 12th, should contain the A12 processor manufactured by Apple itself. Instead of the old 10-nanometers a 7-nanometer production will be used. This is supposed to grant a speed boost of about 20 to 30 percent with a smaller chip size, which would represent an immense improvement.

The only chip that already works with this method is the Kirin 980 from Huawei. Samsung and Qualcomm have not yet brought a similar chip onto the market, which is why Apple would achieve a clear lead here.

iphone xs render - Everything We Know about Apple's iPhone Xs

iPhone XS Concept Render

The iPhone Xs is going to run on iOS12. The system is reported to have some bugs, but they will be fixed before the release, the community hopes.

First pictures already in circulation?

Guilhermo Rambo is a developer of iOS applications who is also very active on Twitter. When he came across a previously unknown iPhone called “iPhone xx” in the tool “xcode”, he immediately shared this fact with the public, who have been wondering ever since what this model might be.

However, this is most likely a placeholder for an upcoming smartphone that is not supposed to be the iPhone XS. Because the addition of 9.7 in the corresponding code lines suggests that Apple might rather have an iPhone SE 2 in the starting blocks, because the smartphones are named as follows: iPhone 9 (11.1), iPhone XS (11.3) and iPhone XS Plus (11.5).

But 9to5Mac apparently have already been fed pictures of the new iPhone XS, which would suggest that it will be available in the sizes 5.8 and 6.5 inches. In addition, the photo published on the website shows that the iPhone XS may also be available in gold.

The iPhone Xs Launch Date and Prices

The iPhone event will take place on Wednesday, September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater on the new Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.

It’s widely anticipated that the iPhone XS will be available for preorder on September, 14, and hit the shelves on September 21st.

The iPhone Xs is going to be very costly, no doubt. The flagships prices are soaring higher and higher as the technologies used in them are becoming more and more complicated. The highly-deemed Apple specialist, Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the top iPhone can come at a price of $999 and more. We would place the price at $1100. Perhaps, the iPhone Xs will come cheaper if bundled with a contract or traded in by different carrier companies.

Presentation on September 12

However, it is certain that Apple will host a big iPhone event on September 12, which will take place under the motto “gather around”. Rumors have it that the new Apple Watch Series 4 and a new version of the AirPod earplugs will also be presented here.

Technical specifications of the iPhone Xs

There are also rumors at the moment that Touch ID could possibly celebrate a comeback. The market analysis company Trendforce has also made a forecast about the prices of Apple’s new smartphones: The price of the iPhone XS is said to be around $900, whereas the iPhone XS Plus will probably cost around $1000.

Regarding the design, leaks have appeared on the French website Les Numériques, which should represent photographed advertising material. If one believes this source, then on all three new iPhone models a glass back is used, whereby the designations iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus are confirmed. All three devices will be wirelessly chargeable, according to the Leak on the French technology website.

The third model

The third model, which will appear in addition to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus, is a device that is priced lower than these two and, according to the YouTube Channel MobileFun, should have a display that is 6.1 inches in size. Only a single camera is supposed to be installed here. If you believe the channel, then this smartphone simply bears the name “iPhone”, which would be logical if you consider that Apple doesn’t provide their iPads with an additional description either.

Other sources, however, state that the third iPhone will have the name iPhone 9 or iPhone 8S and will appear in bright colors.

The available colors of the new iPhone models.

According to 9to5Mac, the colors in which the new iPhone models will be available are white and black. Various models should also be available in gold and bright colors. So the cheapest variant, according to the most analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, will be deliverable in 5 different colors: Grey, white, blue, red and orange. This would mean that the cheapest model will be offered in the same number of colors as the iPhone 5C.

So we can be very excited about which products Apple will finally present on September 12th. Numerous leaks have already appeared so far, giving all those who are eagerly awaiting the new Apple iPhones good clues as to how they will be designed. Nevertheless: Apple surprises again and again and therefore it is not certain that any information that has come to the public so far is really the reality.


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