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Mac vs. Windows Debate

Mac vs. Windows Debate
Mac vs. Windows Debate

Mac vs. Windows Debate

One of the reasons some decide against purchasing an Apple device is the cost. Apple makes premium computers as well as other devices, and thus charges a premium price. However, when you compare the cost of an Apple device to the cost of a PC with similar specs, the price is very similar. Apple computers have great specs. When comparing a PC that is half the price of an Apple, you will see that the PC offers inferior specs and a lower quality that a MacBook or other device.

There are several good reasons to pay the premium Apple price: build quality, superior integrated hardware, efficient OS, more security against malware, less virus threats, some industry standard software that is unavailable on a PC, as well as very easy to use Apple software, such as iPhoto, GarageBand, etc., that is only available on a Mac.

However, none of these arguments mean much if your budget won’t stretch. What can you do if you really want to own a Mac but simply can’t afford the amount that Apple charges? College students or educational staff members may qualify for a discount. In fact, Apple often offers special discounts on their products.

You can also simply buy an older model or a secondhand Mac for much less money. People often sell their used devices when upgrading to the latest model. Apple resellers usually have plenty of old models in stock when a new model is launched. You can shave one-third of the price off a Mac by buying a previous-generation model.

Picking an older or secondhand model doesn’t mean that you are buying an obsolete device. Apple products are typically stuffed to the brim with the fastest components, have a healthy life span, and will still function admirably. Note that Apple also sells secondhand refurbished models. Even last year’s Mac is technically better than most of this year’s Windows-based PCs.

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