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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Enterprise Initiative

Microsoft Surface Enterprise Initiative
Microsoft Surface Enterprise Initiative

Microsoft Surface Enterprise Initiative

Microsoft is debuting a new program aimed at making their Microsoft Surface tablets line more appealing to business users. The electronic giant has introduced a business-focused warranty, called Microsoft Complete for Enterprise, which is a complement to Microsoft’s existing $150 Complete warranty for Surface users.

The new, three-year warranty, includes coverage for accidental damage and will allow customers to pool warranty claims by company, instead of by individual devices. The warranty will allow replace claims for devices that can no longer boot and will also include next-day air, for fast device replacement and support.

According to Microsoft, this enterprise warranty includes four elements: the ability to pool warranty claims by company versus individual devices; allowing for warranty claims against non-bootable devices – (helpful when customers have data security policies that either require a device to be wiped of all confidential information, or require destruction of the hard drive prior to the device being returned under the warranty); next day air in the U.S. for the fastest possible device replacement and a similar rapid replace processing for markets outside the U.S.; as well as an on-boarding center to ensure a premium experience within the first 30 days for both IT and end users.

Microsoft also promises to assist IT staff to get setup with warranty and support processes, as well as provide online training for their employees in order to get quick productivity within the business.

Microsoft also adds its “Business Devices Trade-in Program”; a new, permanent trade-in program for business users. Business customers can trade in older devices and apply the value of those devices towards the purchase of any new, Surface Pro 4 units. Other PCs and tablets are applicable as well.

The Surface Pro 4, equipped with Windows 10 preinstalled, went on sale on October 26, 2015. According to Microsoft officials, in the first few days, ten new business customers, including AstraZEneca, Berkshire Hathaway Automotive (retail), BNY Mellon (one of the longest-lasting financial institutions in the world), The Carlyle Group, Land ‘O Lakes, as well as USI Insurance Services (a top-10 leader in insurance brokerage and consulting) ordered the Surface Pro 4 devices. In less than one year, Surface tablet became one of the top-selling Windows tablets on the market. Indeed, in October 2015, Surface was available in over 5,000 business resellers – more than ever before!

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Source of the photograph: Windows blog

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