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How to Take An iPhone Screenshot

How to Take An iPhone Screenshot
How to Take An iPhone Screenshot

How to Take an iPhone Screenshot

You can capture your iPhone – or iPad or iPod touch – screen content with just the touch of a button (well, two buttons actually). To take a screenshot from your iPhone is really easy and you’ll learn to do it in six easy steps:

Step 1 – This step is pretty obvious, as you can’t do anything without it: turn on your iPhone, hold down the button on the top right of the phone and wait for the white Apple logo to appear.

Step 2 – Choose the image you want to capture from your photos, email, home screen, well, from anything you find online.

Step 3 – Find Sleep/Wake button on the top right of your phone. It’s the same button you use to turn your phone on and off.

Step 4 – Find your Home button – that round button centered on the bottom of your iPhone with a picture of a white square in the center.

Step 5 – Hold down the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time for one second and release them (actually, you don’t have to release the buttons at the exact same time).

That’s it. If you were able to take a screenshot you should hear a camera shutter sound (the same camera sound that the camera app makes when you take a photo) and see the screen flashing.

Step 6 – Now find your Camera Roll clicking on the “Photos” application on your home screen and click on “Camera Roll,” which should be listed as your first album, to make sure that you captured the image. The screenshot should be the last image in this album.

If you can’t see the screenshot, try to repeat the steps, but hold down the buttons for a second longer this time.

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How to Take An iPhone Screenshot

How to Take An iPhone Screenshot

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