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What To Do If Your iPhone Battery Won’t Charge

If Your iPhone Battery Won't Charge
What To Do If Your iPhone Battery Won’t Charge

What To Do If Your iPhone Battery Won’t Charge

iPhone Battery won’t charge: If your iPhone won’t charge, it may be time for a new battery. Since the battery can’t be replaced by the average user, you’ll be paying for that service along with the battery itself. Because this is an expensive route to take, first find out if there is something that is interfering with your device’s ability to recharge. Follow these suggestions to see if you can fix the problem before paying for a new battery:

If the smartphone won’t charge, check the ports and connectors on the phone for dirt or bent pins.

If everything seems OK, restart the iPhone: If your iPhone won’t charge, give it a restart and try plugging it in again. Restarting your iPhone won’t solve serious problems, but you’d be surprised how often restarting your device can solve some of the smaller issues you’ve been having.

If restarting doesn’t help, try doing what’s called a “Hard Reset” –to do this, hold the Home and Power buttons down for about 15 seconds at the same time until the iPhone turns off by itself. When it restarts, the battery also resets and might already show fully charged. We hope this suggestion will solve your issue!

It still won’t charge? Check your USB cable. It’s possible that there’s a problem with the USB cable you’re using instead of your iPhone. The only way to test if the problem lies inside this hardware, is to use a different iPhone cable. If you don’t have an additional cable, try and borrow one from a neighbor or a friend and use that one instead (this also happens to be a nice way to get acquainted with a girl living next door!). If you find that your USB cable is broken, buy a new one from any store that sells electronics.

Try and check your wall charger: If you’re charging your iPhone using a wall charger power adapter instead of plugging it into your computer, it could be the adapter that is preventing the device from charging. There are two ways to check: either get another power adapter, or try charging via a computer. At this point, you have tried to charge the smartphone in numerous ways and if it still isn’t charging, you now know it is the phone and not the charger that is the issue.

If you have tried all these suggestions and even replaced the battery and are still having a charging issue, we suggest going to the nearest Apple store or going to igotoffer.com and selling your smartphone. Sometimes a firmware or hardware issue on the phone can prevent it from charging correctly. You might notice that it simply refuses to charge, can charge but iTunes doesn’t see it, or the phone will chirp and go out of charge mode. We hope that our suggestions have helped however, and replacing your phone isn’t necessary!

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