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Danger of Using Cell Phones While Traveling by Train

killing machine
Danger of Using Cell Phones While Traveling by Train

The Killing Machine

How many people do you reckon are hit by subway trains? Well, if you think, the number is rather small, you are wrong. Hundreds are struck by subway trains every year, with dozens of them killed. The statistic includes people struck while leaning over from the platform and those who climbed onto the tracks to retrieve dropped devices, purses or umbrellas. At least 50 New Yorkers get killed or hurt while trying to get back the iPhone they had dropped on the tracks, every year!

Men and women go onto the subway tracks to retrieve their dropped iPhone, and are electrocuted and fatally struck by trains. They try to grab their toys, but end up electrocuting themselves.

Physicians regularly get patients who were hit by subway trains, and they come in with limbs ripped off and whole sides of their bodies broken. Indeed, some people learn safety the hard way.

Have you ever noticed how when the train flies by there’s that gust of wind that pushes you away and then pulls you back in? Well, lots of people are hit this way and many of them are victims just because they were talking over their smartphones, not paying attention to the train. Texters do not realize just how strong the wind is or they get startled and jerk the wrong way.

When a train is late or during the rush hours, the platform gets more crowded, and in this case people edge closer to the tracks and sometimes there is literally no space left on the platforms, with people backed all the way up the stairs.

But don’t tell me that there is no possible way for people not to be crowded all the way up to the edge. While the situation is unsafe, the passengers should still have the sense to avoid leaning forward, but they text, and they talk, and they watch their Youtube movies and listen to their nice Tunes songs. And they drop their iPhones on the tracks, too.

They say that the authorities must install doors to avoid all these accidents. It will prevent many deaths (and also prevent trash being blown onto the tracks). Door systems will also regulate air movements in the stations and allow the introduction of air cooling to platforms. It would be expensive, but these are human lives we are talking about.

Until the doors are in place, the main issue is not getting on the tracks, because this is extremely dangerous. Just think again, how many people are honestly risking their lives for their iPhone and get hit by the train? Don’t be the next statistic, don’t jump down to retrieve cell phones and stuff you’ve dropped.

Finally, let’s remind you that you can just stand by wall, behind third rail if a train comes, or even crouch underneath the platform, which always has a considerable overhang specifically designed so people can get out of the way of trains. But we strongly advise you just go and ask a manager, if you dropped your smartphone. And if you can’t avoid this urge to jump down to try and grab it, just sell the smartphone before it’s too late.

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