Type Cover

Type Cover is an accessory for Windows Surface hybrid tablets. It looks like a slim, traditional keyboard with moving keys. Users get the speed and feel of a classic keyboard, and they can go from tablet to laptop in an instant. This keyboard is pressure sensitive with tactile scissor-switch keys, a touchpad and a magnetic docking connection to attach Type Cover to the tablet. The keyboard can hang loose and won’t go. When it is folded back, the Surface detects no key pressure. Type Cover is available separately from Microsoft Windows Surfaces.

Type Cover

  • Type: Keyboard \ cover.
  • Connection: Magnetic.
  • Compatibility: Surface, Surface 2, Surface 3.
  • Numeric Pad: No.
  • Functional Keys: Yes.
  • Touch Pad: Yes.
  • Fingerprint Reader: No.
  • Backlight: No.
  • Color: Black.
  • Battery: No.
  • Price: $49.

A Few More Words about Type Cover

Type Cover applies to Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3, Surface 3, Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro.

Operating systems : Windows 8.1 update 1, Windows RT 8.1, Windows RT 8.1 update 3, Windows 10.

Using Type Cover is easy, as it clicks magnetically into place and provides protection for your Surface touchscreen. All Surface Type Covers have a standard keyboard layout, shortcut keys, and a two-button touchpad that supports gestures. As of 2017, Microsoft produces five models of Type Cover: Type Cover (the earliest model), Type Cover 2, Power Cover, Type Cover for Surface Pro 3, and Surface 3 Type Cover.

To click the Cover into place: Type Cover magnetically attaches to your Surface. For this simply bring the two close together until the Cover aligns and clicks into place. Once the Cover is connected, it stays put. When the user wants to remove it, he or she just pulls it away. Using a Type Cover for Surface Pro 3 or a Surface 3 Type Cover you can pleat the back edge of it up against your tablet. This provides extra stability when you’re working on your lap. Stabilizing magnets hold the keyboard securely to your Surface.

To fold the Cover back: You can fold the Cover back to use your Surface as a tablet. While the Cover is back, your Surface tablet won’t detect key presses. To type text while the Cover is back, tap the screen anywhere you can type, and the touch keyboard appears.

To close the Cover: Type Cover protects the screen of the tablet while you’re on the go. When you close the Cover, the screen turns off. When you open the Cover, press the power button on your tablet to wake the device. Note that closing the Cover turns off your Surface only if the Cover and the Surface tablet are the same size. If your Surface and Cover are different sizes, you should press the power button when you close the Cover to save power.

Using the touchpad: Your touchpad has right-click and left-click buttons, and supports gestures. If the touchpad is too quick to respond to accidental touches or you want to turn the touchpad off altogether, you can adjust settings and change them to make it work the way you like.

On a Surface 2, you can change the settings on most Type Covers as follows:

  • Attach the Cover to your Surface. (If you have a Wireless Adapter for Typing Covers, attach the Cover directly to Surface.)
  • Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and select Settings. If you are using a mouse, you should point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and select Settings.
  • Select Change PC settings > PC and devices > Mouse and touchpad. Under Touchpad, choose the settings you’d like to change.

To lock keys into function mode: If you’re using an app that uses function keys a lot, you can temporarily lock the top row of keys so the function keys stick.

When the function keys are locked, pressing a key on the top row by itself gives you the function key (F3 instead of Mute key, for example). Fn plus the key gives you the special key. For example, to mute the speaker, press Fn+ Mute key.

To lock and unlock the Fn keys:

Type Cover, Type Cover 2, and Type Cover for Surface Pro 3: Hold down the Fn key and press the Caps key to lock the Fn keys. Press Fn+Caps again to unlock them.

Surface 3 Type Cover: Press just the Fn key to lock the Fn keys. Press just the Fn key again to unlock them. A light appears on the Fn key when you’ve locked the keys into function mode.

If you prefer a mouse to a touchpad, you can connect a USB or Bluetooth mouse and disable touchpad.

Choice of Language Covers: Microsoft Surface Covers are available for a number of languages and alphabets. If your Cover has a key marked Alt Gr, you can use it as you would Ctrl+Alt. You can also set up your Surface to use specific languages and keyboard layouts. These settings stay with your Surface tablet and apply to any Cover you attach. If you use your Cover on another Surface, the input methods you set for that Surface will apply.


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  • I love the Type Cover. It’s made from a nice soft material, an equal measure of weird and comfortable. Soft furnishings on a device my hands will spend a lot of time touching seems odd, but looking at heavily used Surface Pro 3s, the material seems to last pretty well. The touchpad is one of the finest examples I’ve seen. It’s Precision Touchpad branded, which gives it two distinct advantages. So it’s a very good accessory. Nice thing.

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