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Apple iPod

Accessories for iPod

Accessories for iPod
Accessories for iPod

Accessories for iPod

The fifth generation iPod Touch, iPhone 5, 7th generation iPod Nano, 4th generation iPad, and iPad Mini all come with the new feature: a new dock connector called “Lightning.” This new connector replaces the 30- pin Apple connector which was first introduced by Apple when the 3rd Generation iPod came out.

The Apple Lightning connector has eight pins and all the signaling is digital. Both of its sides are the same and is unlike the 30-pin connector that can only be inserted one way. Apple Adapters can convert the Apple Lightning connector to the 30-pin Apple Dock connector or USB. Not all accessories will work with the adapter.

Apple headphones, or EarPods are included with the fifth generation iPod touch and other devices. The redesign of the Apple EarPods is aimed to improve sound quality by allowing air to travel in and out more freely. According to Apple, the redesign of their earphones allows them to “rival high-end headphones that cost hundreds of dollars more.”

Other accessories that come with the iPod Touch include the lanyard for the iPod Touch loop, but is sold separately for the 16gb.

Apple Universal Dock provides a convenient home base for charging and syncing. With the right cables, you can connect your iPod to your home stereo. You can also play your music through your home theater and watch videos on your television.

iPod users, through apps, can control racecars and fly drones. As well as give their fitness routine a high-tech boost and automate their home with app-controlled lights, thermostats, cameras, and more.

These accessories combine with apps to reveal new ways to do more with your iPod touch. Shop app-enabled accessories at the Apple Online Store.

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Apple iPod

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