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All About Apple Museum

All About Apple Museum
All About Apple Museum

All About Apple Museum

The All About Apple Museum is located in Savona, Italy. As its name states, this museum is dedicated to Apple history. Its collections have hundreds of photos going back to the origins of the company and to Jobs’ and Wozniak’s earliest computers. It exhibits thousands of Apple-related items from all the eras of Apple’s history.

The All About Apple Museum is considered one of the world’s biggest museums entirely dedicated to the history of Apple. The museum exhibits more than one thousand computers. Visitors can also admire over two hundred old monitors and about the same number of printers, some of which date back to the first years of Apple. Dozens of rare pieces have been donated by enthusiasts. A Power Macintosh G3 from the late 1990s, is one of the most precious pieces.

Some of the vintage computers on display are really unique, and a few of them are actually still functioning! Visitors have the chance to try them, by using old style keyboards and other gadgets.

One of the most amazing collections is composed of magazines and revues, such as MacWorld.

The museum’s hardware collection also includes digital cameras and other devices. For example, a QuickTake 200, the digital photo camera launched in 1994, is on display.

Not every item that the museum possesses is on display. Many items are stored for use as spare parts for the devices on show to keep the functioning of the models on display.

Curiously enough, the museum has no official relationship with Apple Inc. But, the Cupertino electronic giant can’t be happier with this publicity in Italy and throughout all Europe.

Since 2002, the founders decided to give a criterion of formality to the idea of the museum, in order to be able to get funds in a more transparent way, as well as to encourage potential donors to give any other computers. The founders of the institution were: Paul Arrigucci, Marco Canavese, Alessio Ferraro, William Ghisolfo, Fabrizio Pesce and Bruno Zenoni. The mayor of Quiliano, Mr. Nicholas Isetta enjoyed the initiative, by offering a permanent space for the new museum. The site was completely restored, and then the museum was officially opened on May 14, 2005.

Shortly after the opening, Apple Inc. called the museum, followed by a handwritten letter, which was signed by the senior marketing manager of Apple, Mr. Brett Murray. Brett complimented the opening of the museum and invited the founders to join Apple in California for a visit to the Apple’s headquarters. This recognition had the biggest effect of advertising, because dozens of new machines were then donated to the museum.

In January 2006, Alessio Ferraro, William Ghisolfo, Roberto Odino, Letizia Tomaselli, Emanuele Donetti, Marco Mioli went at the Apple campus in Cupertino, California. That same year, the All About Apple Museum was recognized as an ONSUL, non-profit association.

Today, the museum works in collaboration with the Foundation De Mari, Quilianese exposure to the University Centre of Savona. It is located in a new, larger and more accessible space, easily reachable by everyone.

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