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Apple Store Online: History, Tips and Tricks

Apple Store Online: History, Tips And Tricks
Apple Store Online: History, Tips and Tricks

Apple Store Online: History, Tips and Tricks

Apple Store online is online retailer created by Apple Inc. and launched on November 10, 1997. It is owned and operated by Apple from Cupertino, California and their subsidiaries. Apple online store is available in dozens of countries. Its global sales are counted in dozens of billions of US dollars in merchandise. They lead the United States retail market in terms of sales per unit area.

Besides the online store-front, items from the store can also be ordered by phone. The store carries all of Apple’s product lines as well as select brands of accessories for its products.

The Apple Store online use NeXT’s WebObjects web application technology. On June 15, 2010, Apple released an Apple Store app for iOS. This application allows users to buy products, find stores, and make appointments.

Among products sold in Apple Store online, users will find iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, iPod, Apple TV, Apple Cinema Displays, AirPort cards and base stations, Xserve, and much more. Apple accessories are also present, such as wireless keyboards and mice.Computer hardware purchased from the Apple Store online can also be configured-to-order with options that often include faster or larger hard drives and faster processors.

Apple Software includes OS X, iLife and iWork application bundles, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Shake, and other miscellaneous Apple software titles.

You can buy there the third Party Software made for OS X, such as design software, productivity software, games, utilities, and most new software that has been released for OS X. Third Party Accessories for Apple products rang from carrying cases for Apple notebooks and iPod sleeves to speakers, printers, scanners, memory upgrades, and digital cameras.

User can find there refurbished Hardware, including lower cost, yet completely up to date (in terms of software), variants of the MacBooks, iMacs, Mac minis, iPods and other products.

Also available are Apple Instant Loans, as well as gift certificates to both the Apple Store and the iTunes Store. Besides, it offers automatic online discounts to “educational” users who include both faculty and students of higher education, and faculty of K-12 schools in addition to discounts for business buyers internationally and United States government employees.

iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad come pre-loaded with apps from Apple. Among the most popular of these apps are the App Store, the Safari web browser, iTunes Store, Camera, and FaceTime.

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