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Siri vs Cortana: Which Is the Funniest Assistant?

Switching to iPhone Siri vs Cortana
Siri vs Cortana: Which Is the Funniest Assistant?

Siri vs Cortana: Which Is the Funniest Assistant?

Automation and speech recognition are undoubtedly part of the widespread popularity of smartphones. Automation is largely defined as the use of robotics or automated equipment during manufacturing processes. Robots replacing humans as the primary labor force has been discussed at length in science fiction novels. But, how close are we to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in real life? To date, there are no known cyborgs in the real world. However, humanoid robots have been developed in South Korea as well as Japan already. Cybernetics is a dynamic science, which encompasses many different aspects and allows such feats as speech recognition in today’s world.

Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are intelligent systems capable of speech recognition. Apple’s Siri needs no introduction, as it has been widely popularized not only by the undeniable success of the several versions of the iPhone since its inception. It’s been mentioned lots of times in the popular media. For example, in the TV series The Big Bang Theory, one of the characters literally falls in love with Siri, in accordance with the show’s humorous take on people’s close relation to technology. So, Siri versus Cortana, who is better?

Apple fans and iPhone users know the facility of interacting with Siri. All you have to do is dictate a command or question into your mobile device and Siri will reply with the nearest coffee shop, subway station or local hairdresser. However, the speech recognition pattern is not always perfect, which is why it is recommended to accustom your speech recognition device when you first turn it on; after all, practice makes perfect. We’ve found the environment has a lot to do with how well Siri recognizes accurately what you have asked. If you are speaking in a quiet place, success is likely to be far greater than in a crowded room.

Apparently, the next step in this type of technology is visual speech recognition, or lip-reading by computers. Many people are preoccupied by the idea of machines rising against us, much like The Terminator or The War Games, they fear dangerous and ill-intentioned computers will one day rise against humans. Some state that within the next decade, we will see a machine more intelligent than mankind, capable of ruse and world domination. Regardless, while perhaps far from being able to take over the world, digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana make life easier for a lot of us.

Scientists continue to work on progress in this area. While they continue to improve both systems, the question of whether Siri is better than Cortana remains open for debate.

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